Barricades are still dropping from chests


Thanks for the advice


I just opened a Gold chest and there was Barricades. There are several hours after the Event. Whats a waste and disappointed.
The game developers should set a counter for barricades to stop right after the event.


Suggestion. Do Not Open Chests :woman_shrugging:t2:
Next event is breeding… most of the items will not help you for the next week. And as with barricades, some won’t help you ever.


As stated above I believe it would be unprecedented to change the contents of chest part way through the event cycle.
I know it can be frustrating but this is not a new mechanic the chests always stay the current event until the armory disappears.


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Barricades aren’t being replaced.

Opening chests after the event has finished is not a good idea.

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Feeding technically has the best sigil drops… Fort and breed are withing less that a half a percent of each other

Pvps vary from as lows as about 13% to as much as 15.6…

The three “good” ones hang around 18%… But this somewhat offset by the filler.


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yes its still droping and the funny thing is the free gold chest gave me 32.2 K bari… stuff wtf and now again waste of a gold chest … XD


Very useful to know. Thanks!


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