Base Advice lvl473- changing from island 1/2/3 to 1/4/5 help

I have only started playing Atlas in the last 3 months (with no one in my team to help or guide), and have just discovered Riders, Gear and the forums, and feel very behind. I have just changed to an island 1/4/5 setup (from a 1/2/3 setup) and am looking for base advice for this fortification event. I was wondering what should I focus my time upgrading this fort event, and if I should I merge/transform any towers at my level? Any thought on the arrangement of my towers would be appreciated too.


  • Seagazer Perch currently has Rider Vivian Lvl 50, no elite gear yet (but working on it!)

  • I have no decent farm/mill runes/glyphs

  • I will upgrade the 2nd perch to level 30 this fort

  • Levelling up generic Defensive Rider (with one piece of elite gear) in red zone/Aligane only

Thanks heaps in advance everyone =)

Go tap on Store, then on Inventory, then on Base.

Screenshot what you have and show us here as this may affect merging decision.

Not needed anyway.

Not sure what you rss is like… This is what I’m running right now. I’m at 16.6B

I have lvl 100 Storage Hut, but still only 2.7M storage :sob:

This means you can have more ember towers, but no bar towers straight forward.

If you want bar towers now, you’ll have to merge.

That puts you behind in leveling progress, but if you think you can take that, go for it.

I’d always keep 1 CH, 2 COs, 2 IFs, 1 RM, and 1 BM for my 10 towers.

Other 3 can be chosen among mages, DF, FF, DP, LT and CV for any of my 10-tower layouts.

But ymmv, so do as you like.



For guidance on towers and placement it’s always a good plan to check out bases you struggle flying yourself and I don’t mean maxed bases because by all means… some maxed bases suck big time.
Go slow and steady and try to keep towers maxed for your level, less towers but maxed do more damage than 20 underleveled ones.
When setting up your riders and runes id suggest going the HP route.
And don’t neglect the Ice flak (if your Rss can keep up)… still my favorite tower of them all.

If you want you can hit me up in game, we can chat a bit and I’ll try to give you a hand. I‘m not a walking lexicon but I think I know one or two things :joy:


It’s capped at that level :slight_smile: we all get 2.7m :grin:

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What is CV?

Volts the bitched up lightning towers

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Can you do a base check on me as well haha

I’m thinking about adding a red and blue archmage but I’m not sure what or if I should or not. Having a lot of success with current layout

Nothing works decent…when never getting attacked by a same level (except only in PvP)… constantly getting attacked by 600+ levels is annoyingly bad :triumph:…(The last time I got attacked by a same level was 6 days ago…and was failed)


That for me was just motivation to grow faster.
Yeah it’s annoying but that’s the curse of being small or midlevel, take that frustration and outgrow them all :grin:

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Welll Welll Welll…
Cannot outgrow a level 700 for quite a long time from now…lol :laughing:…but thanks for motivating :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Same lol

:grimacing::rofl: I read that as 16B storage