Base Advice Needed; Please Take a Look

Hello, I have a level 32 base at the moment and just got access to lightning towers. I’m not sure where to put them, and overall I’ve been wanting help in rearranging my base.

The cannon and archer towers next to each other at the very end of my base (by the rune vault) are lvl 13.

the rest of my towers are lvl 12.

Defense power is 14.6K

I would appreciate any feedback on lightning tower placements and overall base rearrangement

thats good for now, keep working on these 5 towers only. if u cant level up anymore make 6th tower. then go back to these 5. keep repeating it

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As you grow, the only towers you will keep are mages, lightning, and Storm (at least until you get earth flak or orrery).

Don’t invest too much in old legacy towers (cannon, archer, trebuchet and ballistas - especially ballistas).


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