Base Advice Needed. Will take any tips I can get

My current setup.

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Lightning towers are better in groups of 3, or two Lightning towers and the other tower thats similar to the LT, forgot its name at the moment. Never put a sorcerer dragon on a perch, from what ive been told for years, they’re the worse type to put on there.

A few points:

  1. I’d suggest clearing the fog on islands 4 and 5 and then moving to a long kill island (i.e. take your 10 strongest towers and move them up to islands 4 and 5). This way attackers need to make their way through 10 towers in one stretch instead of attacking only 5 towers and then having time to regain health and rage before the next island.
  2. As mentioned, lightnings work best in groups of 3. Lightnings and charged volt towers work interchangeably, but having a group of 3 is ideal.
  3. Replace your ice turret with some form of shield tower (orrery if you have the resources, otherwise earth flak or storm tower depending on what resources you have available). This would make your base a lot more defendable.
  4. If you move to a long kill island, your howitzer and lightning towers should go on the back half of the island as they have longer range.
  5. Have a look at some higher level bases on higher ranked teams to get some ideas of how others are building their bases.

Hope these help!


At his level, I highly recommend not to go there. You want opponents to take as much time as possible to get to 70%.

However, like you wrote I would definitely recommend to clear the fog; up to island 8 and fill empty spots from islands 8 to 4 with level one tower so that it takes a bit more time to clear your base


Island 1 and 2 only have 2 important towers on them. The orrery and the howitzer.

Change the ice turret to something that puts an invincibility shield up.

Only level towers on island 3, the orrery, and the howitzer. This is mainly to set you up for the future, when they will be on island 4 for a Long kill Island.

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Meh. It depends on how you manage your base. I went mid long around level 120 and atlas had just been released to platinum. Everyone told me it was a mistake but my base was very defendible. I’d stop dragons that would go through bases 50 levels above me who had similar gear and maxed towers for their level. The difference was I used mid long and had the benefit of a 6th tower.

Depending on the tower it can be helpful even partially leveled, think ice flak (disables spells), mages or a shield tower. The attacker will focus on the front 5 that actually do damage and the baby towers behind can add complexity even though they will die from 1 puff of dragon breath. In order to not be an easy 70% my farms stayed on island 1.

The other key is gear. You need decent riders and gear on both perch 1&2. Until you put actual towers on islands 1-3 you just need maxed hp gear to keep your % balanced. Farms/mills and towers health are close enough that if you have the same gear on both and boost hp on both, you can just simply divide the number of maxed buildings on island 1 (4xfarms & mills in your case) by the number of total maxed towers. If you have a tower near max due to building restrictions include that one in the total. Once again for that to work you need same quality gear and you need to boost the hp on the farms, not just boost your kill. Once you start working on your 9th tower then you will be getting close to where your 70% will be on 4. The 10th tower will shift your 70% to island 4 if you don’t put something with the farms. Once you start working on towers past 10 those go on island 1/2 and shift your % down.

I will put out extra towers to extend my base but not fill the space with level 1s. There are dragons/gear that recover health/rage from destroying stuff. And a couple that stack damage using rage. If you have 10-20 garbage towers before your kill that is just extra rage to stack spells before they get to your kill.

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Well, we can agree to disagree. Maybe your defense on midlong was better than a homelong (although that’s questionable due to the range difference between 5 and 2 as well as the capacity to have your limited exotic runes/glyphs applying to 10 towers). But, at his level, there will always be someone hitting down on him for quite a long time . In such a context, putting your 70% as far as possible is so key for offense in atlas (specially if you want to use siegers) and for your team in PvPs such as TG or TR. Many teammates moved to midlong and went back to homelong due to this. But I guess that depends what are you interested in the game.

Regarding your point about filling every spot, dragons you describe are very limited and I highly recommend not to set up base for a specific dragon

PS: I had a look at your base and you should try to have both midlong and homelong instead of filling your island 6 imho :hugs:


If you keep mythic gear on both p1 and p2 and boost the HP of your farms/mills, your 70% will stay at island 1 with just 4 farms until you have 9 or 10 towers maxed on 4/5 depending on your runes/glyphs. At that point add a tower to 1 and you are back at under 70% until island 1. I ran that way from level 120 until in the mid to upper 400s I think I finally had 10 towers maxed for my level. It might have been right around 500. I always kept my 70% at island 1 and was always the underdog in Atlas.

I’m not advocating setting up a base for a single dragon. If you put a couple towers out it achieves the goal of making someone have to fly the entire base. As it sits until you hit 450 everything is Krelos if folks are hitting down. If you are defending folks within a tier or 2 most flew warriors that weren’t endgame when I transitioned mid game.

As far as why I filled 6 and don’t have a 2nd long island, it is the same reason I went mid long with farms on 1 long ago. Strongest defense while still requiring you to get to island 1/2 to get 70%. A mid long with a rage drain before it has the best chance for a successful defense. And you would be surprised how many folks with maxed dragons die to my mage drain and don’t make the kill island. Yeah the top fliers who can click with 10 fingers, 10 toes, their nose, and their tongue will get through, but they get through anyway. At least I make them get to 1/2. The ones that drop on my mage drain and kill don’t get any free % from farms/mills out front. I get more kills and glory that way.

I personally would move the farms in front of the island home with Orrey.

I would also transform the ice turret in an Orrey, storm or earth flak (if you have enough resources), and combine lightning with howitzer behind the home island along with mages.

I wouldn’t recommend transitioning to long kill island until you hit level 250-300

Just my 2 cents.