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Good day to all. Love the game and love the community. Have learned so much from the forums and I’m grateful for all of you that care so much to help young and new players to the game.I’m getting high on levels now and don’t wanna shoot myself in the foot for end game. My 1st concern is I’ll run out of ice shards and not sure if I should keep upgrading ice turret or abandon, can probably take to 85 or so. 2nd concern is maintaining flaks, they rock and I have a healthy amount of embers for now. Just not sure which is best direction to set myself up well for late levels and keep defense strong also not wasting resources.I know many different opinions will come from this and I kindly ask you to stay on topic and appreciate your time. Happy flying!

Build a Long base.

Ice turrets aren’t a great investment long term c and you need to down size the amount of flaks you have definitely got too many flaks

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I agree, switch to a long base. 1 Dark Flak is enough. See if u can maintain CO. That is the most useful tower. As Long Range towers lightenings are quite good.

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Agreed that 10 towers together are better than two sets of 5 towers apart. If you choose to go this route (which you should), stay as a “back long” and keep your 10 towers closest to your castle (islands 1 & 2 or 7 & 8 depending on how you count), but do not go to a “mid long” (island 4 and 5).

Thanks for your time and input. What about the crazy benefits I get from defense rider?

You mean having 5 towers directly beneath a perch? In the end, less important than having 10 towers together. Your perch covers all three islands, not just the one directly underneath it. The only benefit you’re getting from that is having the dragon on there essentially.

Front 5 I would go like this :-

Blue mage / Dark Flak
Red Mage
Earth Flak / Ice Flak

Blue mage is handy vs hunter’s and many shields.

Electro flaks aren’t really needed in my opinion.

When bars permit you will also want to sub out the earth flak for an Oreo.

I would say generally its hard to maintain more than 5 flaks for F2P or light spenders. They eat 20k embers per level at end game so some forts you soend 200k embers.

Ice turret is going to be impossible to maintain I would probably turn it into an Oreo for your front 5 now especially if you have bars.

Ice and fire shards are better used to turbo level wood levels to save bulk timers.

For your back 10, I would run with 4 farms, howie, blue mage, earth flak and 3 lightning towers.

Farm / blue mage
Farm / earth flak

Lightning / Farm
Lightning / howie

Eventually when you move to middle island you will want a totem as well.

My advice is use the lond island 1&2 to put all towers if they are maxed cant really tell.
Also some towers i don’t think u need i wound transform some.
In my opinion electro amd fire flak are not that good, also the ice torrent is no necessity .
So u could transform those 3 to lightning towers for the back 1st island u wont lose any xp and towers level in that transform.
And lightning doesn’t require and special rss except wood and timers.
Also using just one type of mage tower on an island makes it easier to kill

Long Island and see how many useful runes and glyphs you have.

Long on 1&2 has only a monument to rune it whole. Long on 4&5 you can rune separately your 2 5s. It costs also the double tower boosts though, if it’s a problem.

The first perch covers islands 1-3 and the second perch islands 4-6. You can see this by tapping the perch. If you move to islands 4&5 you just have to level up the next perch to at least lvl 30 and move your defensive rider there.

I think the biggest difference between using islands 1&2 or 4&5 as you kill island is where the 70% of your base is. This is important for Atlas and most of the pvp events.

Thank you all for your time and input. I greatly appreciate the wisdom and advice I’ll think it through and try to apply these lessons.

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