Base and Dragon fix to force use of different dragons

The scissors, paper, Rock, game game in between bases that DOES’NT exist is part of the real problem between dragons and bases.

Bases are fixed pretty much. They get setup and changed based upon the biggest current dragon threats. An attacker is able to look at a base ahead of time and prepare. They can see what towers to hit and where . They know what too expect.

Now what SHOULD happen is the attacker picks a dragon that is best for attacking that base. But instead we end up with 1 or 2 monster dragons that are used that just destroy every base. This is the CORE problem as long as this happens, we will continue the way we have been going.

So there are a few options too fix this. The obvious but hard one is force people to use more dragons.
*One option is that a base can gain a boost against a certain dragon as its towers learn to fight against it. Say up to 10%. This can fade over time and build slowly. It would be tied to Glory damage taken so hard to exploit. The “proficiency” score could be hidden to attackers.

  • Another option could be tying dragons to specific primarchs or locations but this would take a lot more work.

*Dragons overpower bases because one dragon can take on all bases. Yet one base can’t prepare for all dragons. If you can’t fix this then perhaps hiding what the base looks like may be a temporary fix. If people are not choosing dragons based on base setup, then allowing them to study in detail the base beforehand leads to current imbalances.

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