Base Boost Branch

Base boosts Branch, please give a 3rd option for selection In the middle of rows. We could us a 3rd selection of timers, Electrum Bars or Cosmic charges. I have enough shards. embers and black Pearls which I won’t use except for the black pearl.


:eyes: what do you use the black pearls for, while not needing embers?

I would rather see the nodes in electrum with pearls and fire/ice shards changed, those are all useless to most people.


In some Atlas lines they give us 10 options (gear x 5 or shards x 5). They could do this with these nodes too so people can choose between embers, pearls, electrum, cosmic, ice/fire shards.

Would suggest limiting it building material though as choices though, i.e. no egg tokens/timers.


fire and ice shards have to be available for lower level players who are not building Flaks yet. Storm and Lightening towers are good against Krelos and Fire/Ice turrets are as well. Everyone wants Flak towers tho so Krelos will sweep them up ez

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