Base Boost Glitch Again

I claimed the full baseboost on this account. It is not working fully on my 1 long island(10k) but is fully functional on the rest. Is anyone else facing this issue as ithink its not just a visual glitch as the dp seems low too. I tried restarting and removing the perch dragon and stuff but nothin worked.
(As you can see it shows 45,52 here)
(52,52 here)


The base boost from the last season is extended so this season’s boost wont take effect yet.


This has happened to a few players in the past (where one island has a different base boost to all the rest). Raise a ticket and they should be able to fix it for you.

already did . almost been 1 day

Lol PG doesnt reply on weekends, gunna have to wait till Monday

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