Base boost next season (8 weeks for the price of 13 IF you got the full boost this spring)

So what about those of us who finished the spring season base boost? Having the summer season base boost start right away (and I’m assuming end right at the end of the summer season?) means everyone who got it overpaid by 38% or will overlay by 38% in the summer season. Why change it from starting (and ending) in the fifth week?


Is PG doing it to us again? I won’t stand for this, but it hurts to sit down :cry:

From what I gathered, the spring boost will still last til the 5th week of the season - however, the summer base boost is available from day 1 and will not stack.

This means that if you got the springblossom base boost, there’s no incentive to get the summerkai base boost until July…meaning you’re forced to spend 30k sigils for something that can only possibly last for half of the season.

Kind of uncool.


That’s one stupid change.


No it dosen’t end early you’re just mad beacause you speculated something without confirmation.

As for your answer: (Comes from PG stream)

Base boost will stack up tp +22/+22.

So uf you got half the boost of SpringBlossom and now you get half of SummerKai you can get up tp +22/+22 max. The Spring boost will end as advertised you just have more time to get the summer one :man_shrugging:t2:

Who only got half of the spring line :man_shrugging:

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Not specifically half but like a part of it.

You can still get the base boost of summer but it won’t get into effect until july 3 if you already have the spring one.

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No thank you, I’ll pass

It doesn’t stack.

It stacks up to the maximum base boost amount.

You get 38% less TIME for your 30k sigils if you got the full spring boost. I got the full boost. I’m an idiot for assuming PG would keep the same structure. In fact anyone who got the full boost essentially lost about 11k sigils’ worth of time.

I’m well aware it will stack.

There’s simply no way they’ll give someone who didn’t get the spring boost 5 extra weeks into the fall season. I’m very confident the summer boost will end the first day of the fall season.


Honestly? The smart thing to do for those of us who got the full boost for spring is to skip it for summer and wait until fall. Half a season of base boost isn’t worth 30k sigils, not even if you need elemental embers.


It stacks up to +22/+22.

Agree with you that it shoud have stayed week 5. But PG is PG :man_shrugging:t2:

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I think he means you can’t get 44%. But yes. Anything below 22% will stack.

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Yes I’m talking from the perspective of someone who maxed it.

That’s really disappointing. Unless you’re a massive spender, this really hurts the value of the base boost. Assuming you go after the discount dragon (as I would think most non-wallet warriors do) you need to get 45k sigils before maxing the boost… 51k if you throw the token bonus in there, which again has great value for those of us who grind. So you’re looking at something like 5-6 weeks of full bonus, tops. It’s still probably marginally better than getting another trash divine I won’t use or a rider I can’t afford to gear, but this season I got about 11 weeks of the max boost for the same cost.

But hey, anything that encourages the Get It Now! mentality is great, right? At least to PG’s accounting department.



Let’s keep fingers crossed the defensive rider with give better than 7% construction reduction time.

This is exactly correct. I totally understand for those who have the +22 boosts from Springblossom that there isn’t much incentive to get the Summerkai boosts immediately, or event at all since the timeline will be “shortened”. In no way are the Springblossom Base Boosts ending early. This is factually untrue. Springblossom boosts will end as stated on July 3rd.

Edit: Updated the thread’s title to reflect this.


No one said they end early. What I’m saying is if players want a competitive base y’all essentially made us waste 11k sigils.

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I do believe the thread’s original title was “Base boost ending early next season”. :wink: