Base Boost: proposed fix

I have a thought for a solution for what is kind of a weird situation with the base boost branch. Feel free to 'splain me why I’m wrong.

TLDR- start base boost in week 3 instead of week 1.

One problem with the base boost branch is that folks who got the whole thing from last season will have to spend sigils on the whole tree, but only get the benefits of the base boost perks for second half of season (well actually a little more than half, but meh) because the base boost from last season carries through to week 5 of this season. So, they’re losing almost 40% of the time they’re paying for, already.

Another problem with the base boost branch is that, by releasing it at the same time as the discount dragon and “starting the clock” you’re sort of forcing people who DO want the base boost branch to either forego the discount dragon and go for base boost immediately, or go for the base boost once it has already lost 2 weeks from its timer (which if they did NOT go for the base boost at all last season would come to 2/13ths of its total juice, or a little over 15%)

So, here is my suggestion for you. Modify this season’s base boost to run through the first two weeks of next season, and release the base boost branch for next season in the third week, after the two weeks of the discount dragon.

Benefits of this approach:

  1. Gives people the option to go for the discount dragon during the two week discount period without feeling like they’re losing time on the base boost and buying a product that’s already lost 15% of its juice.

  2. Gives you another piece of content to launch and hype up (kind of like the discount rider used to be in week 3, but now base boost can be in week 3).

  3. For people who don’t care about the discount dragon and just REALLY want base boost, they can still hoard sigils and go ham on base boost as soon as it launches.

  4. Kind of a middle-ground between last season (week 5 launch) and this season (week 1 launch) which addresses some of your stated concerns (people wanted the base boost sooner than week 5) but also addresses some community problems with that (losing 40% of time etc)


So bork 2 weeks on 2 seasons in a row?

I just won’t go for the base boost this season. The choice of starting it the 5th week then the first week next season was ridiculous. Might be worth it next Fall, but not before. I’ll pass.


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