Base Boost Question(s)

Not sure if fully understand how Base Boost works, and hopefully can get questions have about it answered so can clear up any confusion or misunderstandings on it :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Is it stacked after everything else, meaning Rider buffs, research, and the normal 30% boosts you add from monuments? Am assuming so given it is a optional boost that is applied if going for that branch, and is removed at end of Season.

  2. Does it kick in only when you or guild members are actually defending, or does it kick in when no one is defending as well?

  3. How can tell if everything is working properly, in relation to all the percentages from research, Rider buffs, whether or not using the 30% boosts, and then the Base Boost percentage itself? As would think it should show every calculation based on everything mentioned, yet does not seem to do this.

Boost like research, in addition to rider/dragon bonuses. So boost is based on unmodified defense

Not sure if am understanding what you mean, sorry.

When you tap on individual towers on your base or on the map looking at someone else’s base, you can see the hp and attack boost percentages for that tower if any boosts apply.

These numbers include monument boosts as well as seasonal base boost, so the range is like 4% to 52%. Nothing is shown if there’s no boost.

Edit: I think “stacking” is an imprecise or ill understood word we should stop using. People mean different things by it, some just asking if a thing works at all when you have another thing, others hoping for higher benefits due to multiplication instead of addition of distinct boosts or bonuses. In most cases in this game distinct boosts are added. But i don’t know or much care the details of how boosts interact with gear, research, perch, defense consumables, and supershots, just a language comment.


So, only the percentages from the Base Boost and the 30% ones are taken into consideration, and does explain why only see a max of 52% then, thanks :hugs: Are these two boosts being kicked in whether base is being defended or not, or only when base is actually being defended?

Edit: Not meaning to confuse or anything by using term stacking, and do see your point on that :slightly_smiling_face:

Your boosts apply whether you are defended or not.

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Okay thanks, appreciate you clarifying how it works :hugs:

Yet it brings something else up at same time…

If it only applies to these 2 things, Base Boost and the 30% boosts, then how/when is research and Rider buffs being applied if their not being calculated in? Is research and Rider buffs being applied when for example you are not using the 30% boosts? Or is research and Rider buffs being voided out if Base Boost is being used period?

Rider and research boosts don’t show in the same UI elements as consumables and season boost but they’re still applied

How do you know if they are being applied, in order to catch any possible conflicts, or the possibility of any one of these not working at all?

Well with 100%+ gear boost being common in some places it’s pretty clear that gear does make a difference. If consumable boost or season boost negated that it would be very noticeable

Research is harder to tell as the boosts are smaller and get obscured by gear and runes but I can tell you that in the past before we had all those things you could tell who had hp research for their towers because it would change the number of hunter shots needed to kill them. I find it unlikely that this has changed but you never know

Now you’d need to do some math and testing if you wanted to make sure everything is being applied in the exact amounts stated but I haven’t gone to that extent in a long time :grimacing:


Ahh okay :blush::+1: Thanks, appreciate your help In this :hugs: Think there should a tool or even add a section below Riders stats when clicking on the perch they are assigned to that could give the %s, or just total of those %s that is coming from research and runes, we already see the the %s of the Riders from this section. This would cut the time having to crunch these numbers, specially if make any changes, like removing a rune or upgrading to a better one :unamused: Just a thought and suggestion on how to simplify this :blush:

I think you can move a tower from an island covered by your rider to one without a rider and then compare the towers stats between the 2 spots to see the rider boosts. I could be wrong because I haven’t tested it but it seems to be the only way I can think of to verify rider gear impact on towers.

Would be a way to do that especially if suspect a Rider issue :blush::+1:

Have a friend attack your base or let you know what they see as defense. I had a glitch where defensive rider was visible to me and my screen showed correct defense #. Attackers didn’t not see it and it was not being applied for attacks. I had to remove dragon/rider from perch & put it back on to get rider/gear buffs.

Good way to catch a problem, never thought of that :+1: Luckily just removing Pup/Rider and reassigning them back to Perch worked for you back then :blush: Thanks for sharing, will remember to try that if suspect that could be the problem :hugs:

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thank you for that info.