Base boost value nowdays

Since this season base boost was available since day 1 instead of week 5 , seems to have lost its value for majority of players , well at least E2P OR F2P . The quest towards mythic makes u choose imeMdiately at the begining of the season the discount dragon instead of base boost . Getting the discount in two weeks and also getting the egg boost also takes its time and effort. Getting a branch for 30k sigils that has limited time of use and MORE time to get it while the sigil economy of the discount makes you prioritise it makes the base boost less and less valuable .

so my two cents are these :

  1. remove base boost from the mythic quest and make it a smaller branch like egg boost with less cost of sigils
  2. make players choose the discount branch between base boost and discount dragon . once you start one branch the other branch goes automatically full price

I am not complaining but lets be honest unless you have lots of money to put in game you can have both discount and base boost since the begining . I am open to hear more thoughts and I do hope @PGChocolate reads this topic and change something next season


I think PG changed it to increase the likelihood that we will spend in order to get one or more of those three things. I can’t think of any other reason they would have changed the way it works.

So either I will skip it, definitely skipping this season (cue the attacks) and either I will have to save up more if I am going for a mythic or I won’t go for a mythic every season.

Maybe end game folks don’t go for the token boost at start? Seems like pace of release might allow them to collect enough tokens to at least do well in first breed of a season.


I agree I regret so much taking it this season lol


Just a tag for myself on the off chance PG actually responds other than the usual radio silence that means, “Get used to being disappointed.”


We were also never compensated. We paid full price for Spring only to be cut off by Summer base boost. @Arelyna didn’t you previously post that compensation would be looked into? I don’t recall ever seeing a post of what that compensation would be.

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was there ever announced a compensation . ? I dont remember so .

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i think the question was asked in a stream or forum post. you paid full price on a branch for 5 weeks of boost.

It was my understanding the complaints were bumped up to management who in turned declined to respond, hence the “Getting used to being disappointed.” comment.


Why? If you don’t want it, don’t get it. There are other branches available.

I do want it :roll_eyes: is it that bad what I am suggesting ?

Not everyone should get everything for free, and PG needs to make money. If PG wants to force people to choose between a discount dragon and a temporary base boost, I think that is a much better alternative than raising sigil costs across the board, or monkeying around with glory payouts.

We don’t get something from them for nothing, “year of the player” notwithstanding.

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Did I ever ask that , the true essence of base boost is being lost nowdays it is just a very expensive boost that will expire . similar to egg token boost .

If you paid for Spring’s base boost, you got the effect until week 5 in Summer (I think it went away today, in fact). Getting the summer base boost does not cut off any of the Spring effect. At no point that I am aware of was any kind of compensation proposed by anyone with the authority to say anything like that.

Having said that, I’m going to reiterate something I’ve said since this half-baked idea was initially announced: #boycottthebaseboost.

I like the base boost line. I dislike their positioning of the base boost line in the seasonal release schedule. If the base boost line does not sell particularly well, they may have to rethink that release schedule.

In my ideal world, every player would claim every available line except the base boost, and spend any leftover sigils on the gold chests in the mythic lines, rather than supporting the base boost. I know that’s not going to happen, but if it did, PG would certainly have to rethink the line’s release schedule.


It did :sob: I’ll miss my old base defensive numbers :cry:

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I saw a suggestion a while back about a discount line that is selectable (take the dragon or boost for example) and while I would prefer that, I doubt PG would bite.


The true essence is to provide a temporary defensive boost. How is that being lost? It’s just that if you went for the discount line, as I did, it’s more temporary than you would like.

If you don’t see the value for the time remaining, don’t get it. Focus on other lines.

But I’ve said before in other posts, to me the end prize (other than the token boost) is more of a distraction. The real long term benefits are the prizes in the lines themselves. That is what you should be valuing in my opinion.

I have to admit, I was deeply disappointed to see the changes in the base boost. I was 100% sure that I’d get it this season, now that I finally had enough riders, only to realize that:

A) I’d want to get the discount dragon first, because the discount is huge in terms of return-on-investment (-2 weeks with initial chest-opening sigils)

B) I’d want to get the egg token boost second, since egg tokens provide a bigger long-term benefit than the base boost (-1 week)

This meant that, were the base boost introduced week 5, as before, I’d be able to start on it immediately, and probably even have a decent chunk of sigils to spend on it right off the bat.

However, because the boost was introduced week 1, and moved to end at the end of the season, I was already out a minimum of 3 weeks of boost-time. In addition, unlike in the original scenario, I’d spend more of that time with a lower level of boost (since I wouldn’t have those extra weeks to save sigils for the boost).

So yeah. It really does seem like it should either be returned to the week 5-to-week 5 schedule, offered as a discount option (long-term benefits of a dragon or short-term benefits of a base boost), or turned into a minibranch like the egg token boost.


In what way were you cut off?

Accidents with chainsaws happen :eyes:


The chainsaw juggling struggle is real.

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