Base Boost vs Rider, comparing resources

For people debating on which line to get for resources, I’ve made a small comparison stat in which I’ve opened the 50 extra gold chests in the rider line in either fort or pvp with average drops so we can compare the actual resources.


I assumed taking embers for all prizes here, if you really need the pearls instead the base boost line is the only real choice. And of course the value of the boost vs the riders is another debate, I purely wanted to focus on the other resources here.

Also added this comparison, where I spend gold chests from the rider in fort to get the embers to the same level, while I spend the gold chests from base boost in pvp to get some more tokens and such (and pvp stuff).


(edit: fixed rune dust)


useful info , thanks ,

whats your suggestion @Morreion?

Riders don’t have rune dust

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Honestly, I think they did a good job balancing these, because I’m not sure which to take :grin:

If you don’t really need embers the rider line with golds in pvp easily looks the best.

If you do need them, the base boost simply does have more embers than anything else. But 18k eggs, 600k shards, 2m dust, 500 pearls, 1k sigils in trade for just 6k embers feels like a decent trade too.

I might do a bit more math, see how many extra chests I need to open in fort to get those embers, and see what that loses me for not opening them in pvp instead.

Also the base boost is very temporary of course, but then again it’s not like riders stay relevant forever. My oksana rider (+12%/+7%) is less than a year old and has completely useless for quite a while now.

I don’t think there’s a real bad choice in here, it all depends on your specific needs and wants.

Er… no they don’t, not sure what my brain was doing there :man_facepalming:

Will fix that, thanks!


My oksana rider (+12%/+7%) is less than a year old and has completely useless for quite a while now.

Still lasts more than boost, which will work just couple of months or less at maximum value (assuming you don’t have 30k sigils right now)

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Absolutely, the boost lasts a lot shorter. But then an effective +22% boost on my strongest rider is a lot, while Saito would only give me a +4% attack boost on one of my atlas event riders. It lasts a bit longer but it’s also a lot weaker.

Decisions, decisions… :joy:

Added an equal-ember comparison. Still looks fairly equal to me. Crafting shards are very useful, but also easier to get than rune dust. Still no clear winner to me. The pvp stuff can get some extra tokens and rubies, but 1k extra tokens will likely save me 5k rubies by the end of the season too, which can be used to grind an additional 10k-15k tokens.

My conclusions so far:

The base boost is likely a good choice if you:

  • really need black pearls
  • need embers so badly you’re already opening all your golds in fort
  • are end game and don’t need egg tokens at all
  • really need rune dust badly
  • don’t care for the rider at all

While that’s a long list those are all pretty extreme conditions. I think for most regular people the resources are comparable (rider having a slight edge), and it’s mostly a matter of the boost vs rider.

tried to PM you instead of the call out in thread but your PMs are turned off :frowning:

Thank you @Morreion. I was 80% decided on rider and now thanks to your info 100% :sunglasses:

wonder why it has to be an either/or decision?
I also don´t understand well how the “opening chests” affects that… anyways.
Always thankful for people working things out and sharing info @Morreion

Noob question of me: are the two riders identical? Statwise and rewardwise? Or what´s the difference between those two?

Because I don’t plan to spend and get all 6 lines, so I need to make choices. Same for most people I think.

Rewards are the same except the type of shards (note: assumption), but stats certainly are not. Bit out of scope for this thread to start a rider comparison of all variations in stats possible, but basically Saito has extra hunter ammo, and Kazane has 7% more attack instead.

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Doesn’t Kazane allow you to select type dragon you want to use it own. Select 10% buff attack for either hunter/warrior or 10% HP for sorceres. Saito is made for a hunter. Combination of the 2 riders is what is available to atlas teams the past couple seasons.

Interesting it shows more embers gathered from 50 golds in pvp than 100 golds at Fort. Fort has dropped the most timers and embers for a while now but i have no doubt that either PG changed up the drops or i simply do not understand lol both high probability

Where do you see this?

Oh wait. You are only reading part of the analysis instead of the whole thing. Right, forgot you do that


removed, no longer needed

Nvm i see what i read wrong lol

Indeed, im a POS lol

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