Base Boosts running low :-(

Hi all!

I have a base boost issue, essentially my attack ones stay pretty constant at 5,000.

My HP ones are bleeding out I seem to drop about 400 per month.

At the current rate I wont have any by December this year.

I’m not sure why attack is self sufficient and why hp I am bleeding out.

Has anyone had a similar issue and found a way to fix it? It seems like I may need to open bronze during breed to get more drops which feels a bit painful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seems like opening chests during fort/breed or constantly forging them might be the easiest way.


ooooo thats desperate move


I find that I replenish those best by opening chests during Fort & Breeding

This is taken from a Fort event

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Cheers mate I think ill have to do the same.

Just prefer energy packs and inner fire. But maybe I can do half and half.

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I have the same issue. We shouldn’t have to pick and choose between such needed rss =(


Ah so this is why… I checked mine and I remember normally having 8k of each (although same, I have 3k difference between attck and HP), but back in the days I was in high leagues and was opening part of the chests in forts for timers. I’ve been opening them only in PvPs since retirement (about 1 year now) and depleated them nicely it looks like… I still have enough to last 2 years but nice to know the source :blush:

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I’ve definitely noticed this same thing happening over the last year or maybe 2 on both of my accounts. It’s to the point now where my hp boosts are about 4-5k less then attack and I haven’t opened chests in fort or breeding since orca stopped being able to put out the weekly chest sequences.

Same here. I now constantly forge them.

I don’t think I’ve changed my habits at all, I only ever open chests during PVP, so I can only imagine another source of these has disappeared somewhere along the way as this only became an issue for me a few months ago.


Open Bronze chests in fort breed.


I’d say open bronze in breed, in fort they’re pretty terrible. I do that in spring and summer when breed is a discount week event, sustains me for the year.

Golds are the other way around, terrible in breed, decent in fort.


Listen to Morr. :mechanical_arm::facepunch:

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Why the 30% boost even exists


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