Base Build Advice

I really need help working on my base. I want it to look like this one. Any ideas?

Somehow i just cant figure out how to replicate this…sigh. He did all this with a level 30 builder’s hut. Maybe I am doing something wrong?


116k Medal Count :panda_face:


I would have gone for double blue mage on the lead island instead of double red :eyes:


And levelled up ballista to 63. Such a nice tower …


13.5k attack power :hushed:

This team had 4 hackers which I reported today
PG banned them
And within 3 hours they created this account and bring him in team

So only if I join this team I can have a base like this? That seems unfair…

Perma ban all the officers. Collateral damage be damned.

Im just trying to build a better base

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wait a second… something is fishy here. No one builds Balista and Lightening, he must know something special about base building.

Level 57 ballista! Would rather have a 57 chevy!

He’s following the PG base build blueprint by putting his ballista up front to poison the enemy early so it has time to take effect.


Good point grumpy and likely the case…imagine the power once he makes it far enough to allow a perch to be built! Scary as heck ballistas with perches

Omg! Ya’ll are ridiculous! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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