Base Building General Hints

So I’ve spent quite a bit of time reading through the forums regarding base building. I started following Mechengg’s guide (shout out to a very well written and researched work) but have subsequently learned he and others now consider it outdated. The general theory still seems sound however, and I’ve continued to reference it.

Coach’s guide now seems to be the gold standard. Am I correct in this assumption? Unfortunately a YouTube video is just not as helpful to me and I suspect others as well. Also the thread regarding his guide ended up with multiple players seemingly arguing opposite viewpoints.

What I would like ask is are there some general guidelines we can all follow?
Other things that come to mind:

Are dark flaks still the preferred tower for
non spenders that have the resources for
one maxed flak tower? If I progress to the
point of having resources for a second,
Skip turrets all together? Seems ice
turrets were popular at first but then fell
out of favor. Fire turrets seem to pack a
decent punch?
Now that the new towers and dragons
have been out for some time,
what seems to be the accepted wisdom
as far as what direction to take a base?

I am a current level 49 with a short base thus far following Mechengg’s general blueprint.
Looking forward to an updated discussion from you base building pros out there.

  1. Yes, dark flaks are considered the best still (highest damage output in the game)

  2. Generally, at your level, you shouldn’t worry about a second flak. My recommendation (if you’re curious), would be an ice flak as your second, though I’m sure others have their opinions.

  3. Not necessarily. I would definitely keep a turret on your base, though I would not prioritize leveling it up over say your flak or mage towers.

Take this advice with a very large grain of salt (and listen to the pros over me).

Also, as long as you understand the reasoning behind mech’s guide, you should be in good shape.

  1. Dark Flaks are nice because they are high damage and have good utility with the stun. But you really, really want two flaks long term.
  2. This is because the second flak you want is the Ice Flak. Ice Flaks counter so many dragons. They remove any active buffs (I.e. buffs that aren’t coming from one of the yellow passive spells) as well as temporarily disabling the use of any spells. This hard counters a massive number of dragons especially warriors.
  3. Turrets probably should be skipped, not because they are bad but because getting enough resources to build them is difficult now. And flaks are usually better.
  4. It may make more sense to stay short base instead of transitioning to the middle long that Mechenegg’s guide says to do around level 60. The reason is that perches and gear are vital to building a strong base, and on the level 100ish to 250-300ish stretch you can only max 5 towers anyways.


Also I wrote it out in another thread but the level to move to a middle long has changed since the inception of my guide.

Right now if you have a “perfect” base with zero towers in storage, I wouldn’t recommend a middle long below L320. And higher than that for each tower in storage, basically you want 7+ max level towers to even consider.

Also, Coach and my guides are both fairly similar at a basic level. TL;DR build towers up to max level one at a time, don’t build shit you don’t need or isn’t your best towers


I was at your level about a year ago and even then I had trouble maintaining a single ice turret on par with my other towers. Today I have enough shards to get my turret to level 51 and two flaks both to level 67. Shard supply is a problem even at low levels.

I’m mostly okay with this because the turret isn’t that great. If I were in your place I wouldn’t build a turret unless you’re okay with it possibly being a short term placeholder until you can start a second flak.

Oh the man himself commenting. Thanks for your input. Any thoughts on turrets at a lower level? I made the mistake of building an ice turret before realizing it wasn’t much better than a storm tower considering the high cost. Are fire turrets any more cost efficient in your opinion?

What about the second flak tower? I’ve read arguments for a few different ones and the ice flak seems to get the most praise.

Thank you all for the input. I hope this can be an updated discussion on base building without the snark that other threads eventually devolved into.

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Tbh, if I was starting again, I’d plan for fire, ice and earth flak as my 3 flak combo.


Damn you Grumpy, why do you have to complicate matters. Care to share your reasoning? Particularly why no dark flak and the pros of the ones you chose.

Also as a elite only spender I’m not certain 3 flaks is realistic for me. I’ve committed to a dark flak as I have it maxed. What should be my next choice?

For most players, 3 flaks is absolute max they can sustain. It certainly is for me and I spend a bit too.

With three flaks you need to consider what else will be on your island. YOU MUST have both mages. So there is your 5 tower combo.

It leaves no room for a storm and a storm is pretty essential. Hence you need an earth flak.

Also, most bases depend on defence not offence. The idea is to survive long enough that hammers can heal. This is where the fire flak comes in as it halves dragon damage. Plus the earth flak HP boost that’s a pretty decent supershot combo.

Then, you need an ice flak to kill all those pesky white shields flying around nowadays.

If you can only afford two flaks, and you already have a dark flak, then I would suggest an ice flak.


I do this but dark instead of fire flak since I’m older and fire flaks weren’t a thing when I built the dark, then held off to see what other flaks would come out. Ice flaks are essential, earth flaks or storm towers are essential. Both mages are generally important. Fire vs dark flak, both have their merits. I’ve seen both set ups work well and mine with the dark flak works wonderfully.

Great, so it sounds like only spending on elite will give me two flaks, dark and ice. Round out that island with red, blue, and storm I’m assuming?

Now that leaves my other island. My thoughts were a cannon and archer that I already have, plus the other red and blue mage. Should I keep the second archer I have here as well? Things are different down here in gold league. We don’t have multiple defenders supershotting both damage dealing islands so it seems to me a second storm may be wasted in my situation. Thoughts?

Forget the other island for now. You want to have one killer island. I play E2P and I can (barely) sustain 3 flaks so might want to consider a third. Keep upgrading your kill island (just those 5 towers) and your base will be a killer

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I would invest in a couple more mages (one each red blue), cannon and maybe fire turret and ice turret. They still have utility even if they’re not as good as flaks. Alternatively is a couple of lightning towers.

Archers are pretty much useless now as their damage is now in line with cannons and cannons can break shields so a better investment overall.

Issue with ice towers, since I’ve come back to the game I haven’t got a single ice shard lmao. I’ve gotten 1.2k fire shards in over 60 gold chests opened in fort. As a new player building those towers may be nigh impossible.

Yeah I haven’t done the math but if shard drops have been scaled back then yeah it will be difficult. I’m only just maintaining one of each.

I’m following your logic here but remember not all of us are on teams where our base is constantly defended. I’m not ready to commit to Atlas so in Gold 1 where I am at I don’t really plan my base depending on multiple defenders where that cannon will be supershotted. I hope archers aren’t worthless. As others have mentioned, shards are hard to come by.

I’d still go with cannon over archer, then maybe lightning towers then.

But as pointed out earlier focus only on your kill island. You won’t need to touch the other towers except at certain level periods where they are needed to bump your level up to the next hut unlock.

In those instances, max your mages first then cannon, then whatever else you have there.

Ok I did the math on 300 chests courtesy of our friendly neighbourhood chest predictor and it gave me 73.3 shards per gold chest opened. (Fire or ice, embers and pearls not included)
Assuming you got equal amounts of each, you would get 11k ice and 11k fire shards for every 300 gold chests opened during fort. I think maintaining more than 3 flaks is more viable at this point lmao.

Thanks for you’re advice here, much appreciated. I’m feeling good that I have been following this general direction thus far without any major errors. My second red and blue mage are a couple of levels below my cannon and archer, but at my level I’ve still depended in them for firepower. I was level 44 up until this fort event so literally just built my first flak and was able to max her out.

I’ve been reading that lightening towers disappoint at higher levels. Not the case?

It’s 37.62 shards per gold chest in fort.