Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach



I’ve been requested by a couple of people to repost a base building guide from the old forums so I’ve decided to do just that. I would also like to use this topic to get some questions that community might want answered and those following parts may address some of the questions that are posted in this thread.

You will be able to hear my opinions and preferences on base building and what length and part of the base should be used at what stage.

NOTE: There’s a lot of base building ways, I’m in no way saying my way is the best; I’m merely providing the tips that made me become successful in base building.

I will be editing this thread every time I put the new part up on my YouTube channel and will also add answers to frequently asked questions in here and the questions I get during my streams.

Base Building Guide by CoachJPop - Vol. 1

I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions feel free to ask here, message me in game, or join my streams at and chat with me there.

At level 182:

At level 196:

At level 210

At level 226

At level 250

At level 270

At level 300

At level 306

At level 310

At level 315

Shifted base to microbase at level 315

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Just continuing a discussion from another thread here:

At low levels, I think 15 towers (including farms and mills) as a total makes sense unless you’re a purist and want to hold off on expanding until as late as possible.

My alt is level 42 and still hasn’t gone past the first long isle yet (so 10 towers including farms/mills). But to clarify, I do have some towers in storage as those were needed to push my level past certain caps to upgrade storage capacity. I’ll bring those out when I’m ready to expand to 15 towers and thus occupy the lighthouse small isle.

I have yet to experiment at what level expansion to the lighthouse small isle makes sense - anyone want to input here?


I haven’t had the opportunity to create an alt yet, but if/when I do I would want to only make the towers I would be using in the future, and I think I could have 15 towers (non farms). I’m not sure if it’s just the 5 low level mages on the short island and 10 on the Long or 10 on the Long with 5 on the lighthouse (but with under leveled mages), but that’s what I would try out. I was actually planning on messing with mech’s fort planner and see what level I’d be, but haven’t yet.


Yes I’ve thought the same about using the fort planner - but I have a pretty clear idea of the towers I want so that’s all I’m building right now.

You are correct if you build a low level (all level 1 for example) mage farm early you can have 15 total towers. I’d still not recommend building 15 attacking towers too early. My two mains (level 106 and 94) both have 15 attacking towers including mage farm, and each fort event I only level 6 of those towers to make sure they are always max for my level - and that’s more than enough to get me up the levels to then level up my dragons.


Like I said in my video, I would expand as soon as you are able to obtain flak and turret towers because you also have perch at your disposal to either increase the super shot damage of flak or constant damage increase from storm flak and ice turret or the HP of towers, depending what you put on the perch.

The way my base is set up now is even better. I haven’t updated or made a new video because I do not have time to do so. In perfect world, I would have the base the way I have it now. Use the first short island for farms and mills, use middle long island for attacking tower (10 of them) and second short island for level 1 mages to drain the rage.


Yep that’s my setup right now too :+1:


Same, but I made some mistakes earlier and have a decent amount of 20+ stored towers. Level 158 with 3 lvl 41 towers, 37 blue, 35 ice, 33 red and cannon. So I thought that I would at least be able to have 5 max level first 5, then 3 max level with 2 weaker mages on the back 5, and then 3 close to max level with 2 weaker mages on the short island if there was no wasted level xp :man_shrugging:t3:Just a theory now though.


You will never have max towers if you try to max out more then 6 towers. :slight_smile:


That’s what I’m finding!


Even 6 is hardly achievable. 5 towers maxed is a more realistic number.


You’ve piqued my interest and I used @mechengg’s fort planner and checked my alt (which is a better account than this one as it has less wasted towers). I will need 7 level 35 towers sometime in the future (around base level 130) to be high enough level to build level 36/37 towers. But in the lead up to that moment, at some times 5 are maxed and some times 6 are maxed.

To get there I will need 765 days of speeds… :cry:


My base is pretty much maxed out for my level. I usually have 5 max tower and then the 6th one thats a bit behind in order to unlock the next level.


Hey coach I’ll post up my planner with leveling for you to skim over. I’m 95% sure I can get 9 towers to max almost all the way to level 300 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just tried it using my alt which has only 2 wasted towers - max I can get is 7. By the time the max tower level is around 45 it gets even trickier - maybe only 3 towers maxed at some points. How I modelled it is if an elemental is available to be maxed (i.e. 2 levels jump), I max those immediately, then do the other towers and I max them one at a time.

Do your trials and let me know if you can get 9! I’d be very surprised.


I’d like to see that bro. Im having trouble having 5 maxed and those are the only towers I’m leveling. Of course I have wasted experience as well… :slight_smile:


You may be able to do 9 if you don’t have any elementals - as those provide a 2 level jump each time they can be upgraded. So depends on your definition of max I suppose! Mine is max possible for every single tower individually.


Question about the hunter abilities for perch, the 10% attack buff…thats applied to both primary and special attacks of all towers near perch at the start of battle, correct?


I think it only applies to the primary attack. Sorcerers add damage to the supershots. Would be nice if we can have some staff clarify this here.


Agreed i would like some clarity because its difficult to say when its not applied till the start of battle like dragon boosts…but i did notice that tower gear for attack buff directly applies to both primary and special attacks, which leads me to believe that perch does the same.


Are you talking about the rider gear?