Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


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@HoHoHOdin definition of Non-factor right there.

It would be an understatement if I said I was dying right now :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You’re welcome for an advertisement young boy.


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Gotta love when people use the term “young boy” to try and put people down. But thanks for the definition :facepunch: Just wanted to understand the post a little better.


This is me every sunset before I open up War Dragons. I pray the good WD Lord will liberate me from being a Non Factor and I can reach the knowledge and superiority of Coach J :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:ABFA2EF9-129F-4FFA-9C04-FAB6DF09D45D


Can I join you!?!? Please I need this in my life


The band of non-factors right here liking each others posts rofl… Y’all cute.


So basically you’re saying we are all noobs and don’t know what we are talking about? I don’t know how I got dragged into this lol. I just asked for a definition :joy:


Me every day


Didn’t mean you but since you put yourself in that group Odin your choice, as far as I see you haven’t liked any posts here so I don’t know why you feel like I was talking to you.

Anyways, this is way off topic. So I will not respond to this topic anymore.


Well kinda assumed that after your post to Ghost. But ok, just a heads up just because you can build decent bases doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t know what they are talking about. In the end of the day, all these “strategies” and “top tier players” are opinions. More or less, it does seem, to someone outside of all this, that 'non factor" means someone who doesn’t agree with your thoughts. Either way good luck :facepunch:


Well, when a person comes into a thread and is being a smartass:

How am I supposed to react… Rofl… But good luck to you too :slight_smile:


Fire turret - Same as dark flak, a hard limit was removed for people with high level towers. Mine went up quite a bit. It’s been a long time sore spot for me since I had 4 over level 45



Any chance to clean this last little bit up (including this post)?
I’d love it if people looking for base help didn’t need to Wade through petty bullshit in order to find good content

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Welcome to the forums :joy: if you were to do that every time people got side tracked every forum thread would lose 90% of the posts.


If thats the case i think half of the posts on forums will need to be deleted. Including all the memes. Can you ask mods to do that too


For most posts yes I agree with you guys.

For a guide that is in the strategy and guides section, I consider that a whole different animal. It is meant as a directed teaching and discussion tool in which readers shouldn’t have to sift through garbage to get to the questions and content.

Mods can do what they like, but I’ve been around forums for 12+ years now with probably 15k posts so I may know a thing or two 🤷


There’s gotta be nicer way to say what you said.


dayum, coach is a MILF? nice shoes! :wink:

you guys need to all lighten up. everything descends into personal attacks so easily. life is too short. be nice to each other


Small correction.

You have 5 out of 41 towers at that level. 5!!!

These towers are strong enough to stop the sapphires and garnets in your level range. That’s why you have a good defense rating.

Those dragons were built for lv 40-45 towers.

So all coach is proposing here is level 5 towers only to your builder cap and have the dragons for the builder hut.

Invalid advise to non spenders (which don’t get CF rewards) and thus won’t ever have the extra eggs valid for CF members and mid level spenders.

But it works. You just need to fulfill the requirements of the builder hut.


Im a few player lvls shy of 240 and have roughly 10 or so towers arpund lvl 40. Is there any hope for me or should i scrap account and start over with 5 towers?