Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Why would you scrap an account after getting to 240 with so much time and effort? You can level up to 5 towers from now :man_shrugging:t2:.
Also, it’s cool and all if you really want to scrap account, just transfer it to me :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Hmmm do you mind if 9/10 are ballista? 10th being Ice Flak of course. Ill start the bid at $1.25


When this was relevant, did you include the 90%+ buff to Archers? Would push lvl 43 archers to have an output of 2m supershot damage not including perch +15% among the other secondary buffs that also apply at the start of battle and applied by defenders.

  • Meant for coach, my bad warlord lol


I don’t understand your point.

I can kill dragons way above sapphires and garnet tier.

You do not need to spend to achieve what I achieved. It will just take longer because you won’t be building like crazy every event.

I don’t understand the question.


Of course you can. Hammered and buffed those 5 towers can kill even obsidians.

Those towers are actually obsidian level.

But I see it on my mini. He’s in garnet and will stay there for a couple of months. All his infrastructure is maxed (den, incubator, castle, research building, builder, storage is also pretty high).

If I want sigils in fortification I need to level towers (43 and capped now). This will be a problem. And there is no way to rush with him through dragons.

So either I skip fort and miss out on prizes or I level towers. :man_shrugging:t2:


Was more of a statement, bc there are no flak runes/ glyphs then they werent strongest towers at that time…


Here’s how everything panned out after this past Forti.


If I see that set up I back off… :rofl:


It is a mighty fine base for damn sure.


Watch the video


Oh okay. Sorry, I didn’t watch all of it and was only looking specifically at the thread. Thanks mate


I’d tell you but I can’t remember. It’s in the video somewhere.


That is a mighty fine set up. I have a question for someone that will admit made a lot of mistakes when I started out. What’s anyone’s opinions on if it’s possible to really catch base up level standards when so much may be in storage.



Salvageable for sure!

You look like you’re capped out at level 45 towers until you get some Garnet eggs. So I would just mimic Coach’s setup for now - concentrate all your big towers on the front of middle long, create a rage drain. Everything else is irrelevant for now.

Using @mechengg fort planner, if you only level your DF, Ice, Storm, Blu and Red, you will be at the following base level:
Towers level 45 - base level 232 vs minimum level 181 when you can get level 45 towers

When you get your garnet eggs for builders hut:
Towers level 52 - base level 263 vs minimum level 217 when you can get level 52 towers

When you get your emerald eggs for builders hut:
Towers level 55/56 (std/elemental) - base level 281 vs minimum level 226 when you can get level 55/56 towers

When you get your obsidian eggs for builders hut:
Tower level 60 - base level 302 vs minimum level 246 when you can get level 60 towers

One max island at level 302 - pretty darn good! Most 300s don’t have level 60 towers


Yeah capped at 45 and in about 2 months I will have all garnet eggs. So should I in your opinion move anything or just leave setup and consecrate on front of middle island now


I would move your towers, but I would also encourage you to read @mechengg’s base building guide, and also watch @coach’s video link in the original post.

Both recommend similar setups which is a rage drain on the small lookout isle, followed by big towers on the front of middle long. You can choose your 5 tower combo at the front of middle long - I like all 4 variants presented by Coach and Mechengg (combined). The crux here is that you need to:

  1. decide on your 5 tower combo
  2. only level those 5 towers - that’s if you want to catch up like I’ve illustrated above

Good luck!


Also that blue mage in front is really lvl 30


Ok cool thanks much appreciated


New set up is that ok for a rage drain or should I put more mages