Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach



Thats fine


Mage drain is useless if you have other towers then the mage towers… store your Ice Turrets and your perch. You will drain someone and they will leave perch or ice turret alive and recover all the rage you stole…


Store? At those levels? You supposed to be helping man lol


I can only give advice, it’s up to you to take it or not. I’m telling you, you can’t have anything else besides mage towers on rage drain towers.


I’ve told @TripleTruble to get rid of those ices. While he’s levelling his storm he can put his level 37 ice there instead. :man_shrugging:


@TripleTruble Store/Push to the back island the:

Level 20 Archer -> replace with level 38 Ice
Level 38 Fire -> replace with level 37 Ice
Remove dragon from the riverwatch perch.
Make sure a warrior (legendary+) is on your seagazer perch

@eXeCr8r Store/Push to the back island the:

level 30 storm -> replace with 42 archer
level 27 red -> replace with 42 archer
level 26 storm -> replace with 42 farm
Remove dragon from the riverwatch perch.
Make sure a warrior (legendary+) is on your seagazer perch


I strongly disagree. Dont even consider storing your ice turrets @TripleTruble , even if u dont level any higher it will do you better to use them.

To say a dragon will get all rage back is a bit of an exaggeration. Will be 2 full bars in most circumstances where attacker saves perch to build rage…hell there are dragons that can get full rage back +1 without a perch there at all.


Thanks but love my layout <3


The comment is due to war. If I saw your base in a war, it would automatically be labeled as an “easy” base due to the extra towers on the rage drain. I could leave an archer (or perch) sanded behind while I do the rest of my flight. My assist would then start back there again, fly slowly to build more rage, and kill the archer or perch last minute. Most likely, a huge chunk of you best towers would be down and thus my assist would start with a lot of rage against the rest of your base.

Double storms on a long island wastes firepower slots. Low level storm with farms assumes your flier is an idiot who won’t single tap that storm first before they take out 1 less farm than usual leaving more taps open for the hunter fliers.

All just my opinion of course .


Yes i dont think you are necessarily wrong, i just think i make it work. Im willing to set up a skirmish with anyone who wants to do war runs on me …in pm if thats the proper approach to this. Idk i just ask for a friendly battle in LC every now and then lol


This is an account of mine that I have closest to your level. Did I make some mistakes that I regret? Oh without a doubt. However, I am very confident that a change to your set-op would give you very different results against two fliers of equal levels. You have good archers that I feel are being wasted because they have no support whatsoever and your rage drain is minimal at best for a dual flight due to the placement.

Best of luck.


Im confident i can drop much more than u think :wink:


I am confident I could drop significantly more and my alt is only 37 levels ahead. I am just saying you could drop more with a change. Anyway. You do what you do boo.


Hmm i see. Lets leave it at speculation shall we.


For goodness sakes do your egg missions :exploding_head:


I know you are the all knowing but I really think that you could pull those archers off your rage drain and make a pretty decent smaller island BEHIND the long middle. Push your farms back to the front of the home long island because honestly level 42 at your level will get trampled anyways and its not worth putting them on your small even with a warrior buff.

Also double storm in the middle long is ehhhhhh ummmm not quite optimal.

Either way I know you didn’t ask for advice, but I really think that you could do a bit better with the towers you currently have :+1:


Sorry idk how to read too well, could you perhaps show me?


In lieu of a computer:

Rage drain:
only mages

Middle long:
Dark - blue
Storm - fire flak
Fire turret - Archer
Ice turret
Blue - red

Dark - fire turret (or Archer)
Ice - blue

Home long:
Farms with red
Lightning and rest of towers


Sorry this is the updated pic