Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Take down your perch.


I hope that wasnt for me bc idk wtf u just posted. I will end my part in this conversation by saying my door is always open. Please feel free to stop by and teach me somethin because idk where this sense of myself being all knowing came from but i have ALWAYS admitted when im wrong and appreciate the battle every time. Seek failure cause thats where all the secrets are held.


How do u take down besides having no dragon on it?


That’s all you do, love. Once there is no dragon on it, attackers won’t see it.


Ok cool cuz that’s what I did. My plan is just working the first 5 towers and that’s it till maxed. Next fortification storm will at least be 40 or so. There is also a blue mage under construction that will replace the lvl 20 on middle island and that will go to rage island. All help appreciated. :clap:t3:


On your way to a kick ass base my friend! :+1:


My Shivano (which your paths don’t even get) will kill that base easy :man_shrugging:t2:


Hi Triple, your base looks nice, but it is elemental only … so easy to get 5 :fire: on it. IMHO you should bring some archers, canon towers somewhere… or else a Necryx or Leos will just go through it.


That’s true but only Necryx (Nier doesn’t count) is capable of ignoring all elemental towers. He has enough variety on there to stop most dragons out there. His high level ices will melt Leos.


Necryx dies just like any other dragon when he gets maged and his barrier runs out


Don’t ever build or majorly alter a base to stop just 1 dragon (Necryx)… He is the only dragon with Elemental barrier. If you are defending he will have no rage after drain island for the barrier itself. Making archers and cannons will not help you because they will be low level and wasted experience. Even if they have enough rage for the barrier, once it expires he will melt as @DerangedSkrill said.

Leos… He is a warrior rofl…


Why doesn’t Nier count ? I really want to see a skilled flier who flew Nier say Nier is shit. I mean with that spellset is there still no way to use it ?
All I want to know is why it is ignored ! I want a sorcerer lover to say it.
I agree it’s probably not awesome dragon, but still can’t see missing link which can say it’s useless dragon.


I am a sorcerer lover. I unfortunately haven’t flown Nier. But just looking at a spellset I don’t think Vines is a useful spell on a sorcerer because its a swipe attack class.

It would be really hard to make it a good base setter because it has no burst damage being a sorcerer.

I wouldn’t say completely useless but very hard to master.


I was thinking uproot may give it a chance there. Again maybe I am just being a theorist here demanding for far too much rage.


Too much rage to work with. I believe you can master this dragon and make is useful with all rage runes but you’ll still have trouble avoiding mage supershots. Essentially useless when defended against it.


I agree tho with the change it made a difference this past war. With the rage drain necrex didn’t fair so well about 5 attempts until they got us on hitting my base with 3 different people at once


Glad it helped!


I’m glad you see the difference. We’re here to help…


Coach did u see I dropped a Noc yesterday? Your setup! :+1::+1::+1::+1:


Honest question for “the experts”:
I know the common wisdom says that the rage drain island should only have mages on it. And I understand the reason for that (any other tower could be sanded or skipped and left as an “anchor” for a follower to gain rage). My team does that all the time in war and it works well. The question I have is, how many mages do you think are actually required and what levels are necessary, in order to actually affect an incoming dragon.
For example, most mage drain islands with 2-3 mages I am able to kill all of the towers before any super shots fire. Same thing when I am defending- the attackers almost always kill the mages before the super shots fire. It kinda defeats the purpose.
Would it help to have 5 mages instead so it takes a little longer for them to be killed? Do the super shots take more rage if they come from a higher level mage or is it all the same? I know you want to keep them low level so they die when sanded instead of staying sanded, but is there any advantage to having a level 20 mage vs a level 5?