Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Level 1 is as effective as level 20.

Defended? If so you’re a good flyer. Either that or the mages are not on a small isle.

At least 3 would be my recommendation. If 3, put them at the back of the small isle with 2 blues at back and red in middle. If 5 then blues on 3 corners and reds at the other two spots. This is to make it harder for attackers to hit all the blues and cloak to dodge mage shots.


Undefended mage drains usually are worthless unless they’re high level mage towers which isn’t the norm. The supershots take the same amount of rage away regardless of level (1 rage cell without research per hit, 2 rage with research). Technically if defended you only need 3 to get the job done if you hit them with 3 supershots they’ll be empty of rage (barring a great flyer getting through).

Unless it’s a very low level Necryx I’m pretty sure sand will kill a lvl 20 mage tower (mine does at gold tier). Keeping them low also means less unnecessary leveling when it’ll get the job done if there is someone in there to set the supershots.



two reds at the very very front spots
one or more blues behind them to avoid cloaking
defenders supershot both red mages and maybe one blue mage if you have 3 defenders

blues at the back make it nearly impossible to kill them both then cloak before red supershots hit you


My idea is that many seasonal dragons have one or two resists on the elemental side nowadays. So, IMHO, having a base of only “elemental towers” it is not very smart. But this is only a opinion… you take it or leave it.


Name a viable dragon that has two elemental resists please.


The fact remains that the elemental towers deal the most damage, so whatever elemental towers a dragon cannot resist will kill them. Leos cumbles when faced by powerful ice turrets, for example.


It all depends the level Leos is. And again, on a five tower setup, only two are problematic for him: ice and blue. The rest (red, fire, flack) he’s almost imune. But put a canon in between, and he’ll have to deal with three things that hurts him. And don’t forget, most powerful harbinger is a warrior.


That’s because he’s the only mythic Harbinger out.


Yes @TheRedDelilah, you are right. But even on the legendaries, I saw more warriors than hunters at harbinger level. But maybe I am mistaken… I am only at Obsidian level for now, we’ll see what it is all about when I’ll get to them.


You cannot judge a whole tier until it is fully released. People have chosen the dragons they have simply due to availability and breeding paths. We have 3 warriors, 1 hunter and 1 sorcerer, so of course you have seen more warriors.


Agree, but I think PG has decided to make a change at the sorcerer/warrior type of dragon. We will see in the future how all pans out.


Are we seriously changing bases to defend against warriors?:joy:


Common thread is why change for a specific type. We would be changing our bases every season. Get a set up and if done and defended correctly will do the job.


Hmm. Against Destar yes… the rest not so much. (the change isn’t that big either, just more reliance on fire flaks, less on red mages)

I do foresee that the “mage drain island” mechanic will change, but for now its a very very solid way to go. Keep up the good work


For low level also like 47 Can I start from base structure of u and power it gradually ? @Coach


Yes, you can watch the video. The lower level you are the easier to implement this is.

P.S. I will be making a new video soon.


Thanks and which video ?


OP up top.


Here you go.


Leos is not immune to DF and FT supershots.
Only immune to normal shot.