Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


@PGPulse can we have confirmation if dark flak resist affects both normal and super shots?


It resists both normal and super. Tested and confirmed




That’s what I thought! :+1:


Resist Type reduces damages of both normal & supershot :slight_smile:


Not for fire turret.


Not for fire turret… Has that changed?

Edit damn u Lut! :joy:


I thought it was just for lightning towers originally. When did the others get changed??


As in only lightning resist blocks both normal and super? I’ve always experienced all resists block both except fire turret


I looked at the data. Lutrus is correct. Fire turret’s behavior seems like a bug. I’ll look into this. Thanks!

Lightning tower’s normal/supershot damage are both reduced by lightning resist.


Noooo don’t fix that one… :joy: I always like to super when a drag with FT resist comes round. Gives them a bit of a shock… :joy:


Glad they fixed or are fixing it, was hurting the balance.


Hmmm the only one I knew didnt work was fireturret.

Ive always seen people claimed darkflak didnt work, but it was simply a case or 30% dmg from the supershot was still significant dmg.


Thanks. Can we have timeline for fire turret supershot fix? There are so many dragons with Fire turret resist in the game. It should be priority.


I got you. It’s being fixed!

Springveil Stream Notes + Kingdom Wars


I will be making a Base Building Guide Vol. 2 in few weeks. I’d like to add a FAQ at the end of the video. If you have any questions about anything regarding the base building post a question here and I’ll go over it in the video.

P.S. I’ll be finishing Fortification event shortly so the new updated screenshot of the base is coming soon as well.


This is what I had thought too, but I only ever tested fire turret and lightning.

Glad it’s being made consistent.


I remember you telling everyone in line group, including me, that only Lightning towers were effected by resisted towers special attack. Ruh roh. @EidolonRM

Lol dragonballsuper foo! Gtg


Yeah there were numerous threads on this both on the forums and in Facebook groups. Many people who are rarely wrong had said as much.

And as Gox pointed out it’s hard to feel the difference with dark flak due to the base stat being so high.

I wouldn’t be surprised if other towers are broken. (Or if they used to be and were silently fixed)

If I remember correctly PG was mentioned and was radio silent. Glad to see Pulse chime in.

Apologies for spreading misinformation. Up until Gox said otherwise recently I had not seen a single person disagree.

We should probably not keep filling Coach’s thread. If further discussion is needed let’s start a new thread (or find an existing one on topic)


Did you put 2 level 42 archers on your rage drain? Give them to me bro