Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


I’m seeing patience is the key, especially at the:

  • level 163 / sapphire egg / 41 tower roadblock
  • level 187 / garnet egg / 45 tower roadblock

Those are the two MAJOR failing points that i’ve seen in the game and its patience that has progressed these people further and more away from the ideal path. They progress thinking “it’s not hurting me that much” where in reality they are quite wrong.

Level 200+ with level 41 towers is BAD PROGRESS and you are only hurting yourself.


That’s why I asked for the notification in your planner Mech! :+1:


You actually think i was hoping u would share like some kind of secret formula for the krabby patty recipe or some shit? Lol anyways, 5% of what population in the community? Your layout design is by far what appears to be the consensus from what i see with players here.

5% lol my layouts dont even register for a statistic on who follows, from lack of supporters😂 that aint gonna stop me from exploring. I do feel very flexible with my ability to change and adapt as the game continues to evolve however. To each their own of course🤓.


Smh, i never get told i have a bad base after someone tries one of my layouts…js. nothing is absolute, nothing is exempt from being countered, every action has an equal and opposite, and there are MANY ways to have an effective killing machine of a base.


Polter, I’m not talking about layout. I’m talking about leveling the towers. 100% of players can follow the layout but it means nothing if they don’t know how to level it. I’m saying 5% of people that use my layout actually have success using it because they are not patient to level up only 5 towers.


Gotcha, and i was wrong about nothing absolute…a full base of even level towers is absolutely the worst plan ever :joy: …unless they are maxed out and pre meditated lol


Coach, do you mean patience as in once you get stuck at 5 capped towers you shouldn’t build any more towers so as to avoid leveling up until you have advanced far enough in breeding to uncap those towers? I think I wrote that clearly enough but it reads a mess! Thanks!


Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.


Coach: quick question - what now?

(you are at the obsidian cap), whats the plan going forward after the 5x 56?


Next fortification event I’ll up my perch to 45 in order to put Stormheim on there for warded towers buff. That will bring me to 255 which will unlock another den cap. After that I’ll most likely stop building until I get Obsidian Eggs. (That should take me about 2 maybe 3 breeding event)

PS. I might get impatient and just level a blue mage tower from 26-56 lol…


You are supposed to level up blue mages more next. Blue mage :heart_eyes: :star_struck:


Would be surprised how long u can hold off on building up most ur mages very much. Id say there are only 2 islands where high lvl mages will without a doubt be significantly more effective at dropping dragons in most all situations. Mainly just the front of mid but if u wanna stop quick fingers on drain, thats where a high blue will come in handy. Either the 2nd blue between ur lowest lvl and lowest killler towers lvls with storm will offset dragons primary attack long enough for the mage shots to land or u add an ice flak for 3 mage + storm and ice flak.

Once the mages reach a certain lvl, any higher is redundant in back mid island to home, imo at least lol when using sand, vine, etc… just best imo to have the highest dps with highest mages and storm on front of mid, im sure thats not too crazy.


Hi… I have five blue mages and can’t build any more. Two are on my long island and two are on my rage drain island. To fill that last spot, I have a level 20 blue mage in storage. I’m following your guide and wanted to know: is level 20 too high a level and therefore it can be sanded to gain rage for the next attacker, or should it be fine? Should I just put it away and only have four towers for my rage drain island?


20 is fine. Even if it’s too high now as you level it will become irrelevant.


Store it till you are level 84 or so and you can bring it back out again


@Luffy @Grumpybigbird Thanks guys. I’m level 85 so I think I’ll keep it out :ok_hand:



As far as the fortification that is starting today the plan of action is to

Build a new Fire Flak from level 1-56.
Upgrade perch from 35 to 45 (possibly).

This will put me at level 273.

The following fortification event I will be taking all 6 56 level tower to 60. (Storm, Dark Flak, Ice Turret, Blue Mage, Red Mage, Fire Flak)

That will put me at 298.
To me that is a win having 6 lvl 60 towers before hitting level 300.

Stay tuned for the layout :slight_smile: I have it pretty much set how I want to lay it out but will test few models.


I was thinking of layout on lines of

Edit: I am sure you might have observed tower ranges, but here is a sheet I made for some decisions. Hope it helps:


Your first picture is what I was going for but was going to test both of those models. :slight_smile:

We think alike.

Edit: @Luffy

Yeah, I have, I will test and see how quick Ice Turret supershot goes up when the dragon turns. If it’s close to same between those two positions I will probably go with the behind location.


I’m fairly sure that the dark flak supershot is a slightly further distance than it’s normal shot. Did you pull these numbers from somewhere?