Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Yes, its reliable source. Maybe it has faster windup time in case of supershot but numbers are right.


Wonder when it changed :eyes:


Maybe on the rebalance? Flash still says it only dodges 70% Damage on that site too if they haven’t changed it since aib came out.
Anecdotally I can attest to DF having the same range loaded or unloaded. Easiest way to test it though is on front of middle Long bc it doesn’t engage right away.


I didn’t know about this, but I checked up after you raised the point and yes before update 4.0, supershot range was 55 while normal attack range was 50.
Now though, its 50 for both as I wrote above.


I noticed you removed an Archer tower and added a fire flak. How is the new set up working? Is it better than your previous setup?


About x3 more powerful


Any changes to kill island?


Here is the update from this event and current layout. Next fortification will bring 56s to 60s.


Fk off lol

Much stronger and was already strong enough.:+1:

Now if we could just get u to place an ice flak on front mid :wink:


Rather prefer cannon SS over Ice flak SS. Ice flak is good with its range and normal attacks in back 5. And SS for second dragon in case first clears a few of first 5 towers .
Edit: after seeing your post below, Ice flak SS range is not all that impressive.


Tsk tsk, one day ull see just how much further ice flaks special will go :wink:


I’m not high on Ice Flaks right now… Don’t see a reason for one and also there’s no way I’d replace anything on front part of middle Island.


Yeah man do ur thing, there are a few highly effective strategies as well as more that are acceptable.


@Coach have u considered moving 1 resource to home island and placing storm or that high level ice turret to perch island instead? -just curious ur thoughts.

Honestly it would be more effective imo for you to put that Ice Turret on perch island and have a storm where that Fire Turret is now and slide that fire turret up to where ice is now.

I got my Fire Flak triple storm protected. Same technique could be used with Dark Flak but you would be sacrificing a great deal of damage for merely a moment of stun, unless you are trying to counter nec. (Without an ice flak hehe) -just ways to counter my strategy against your layout.


You would be losing lots of health in that island. Farms and Mills have the highest health in the game, the purpose of that island isn’t killing dragons it’s keeping any bit of a farm alive to prevent 5 flames in a war.


I actually have a purpose for an Ice Turret in the back, it shields my fire flak and storm if the attacker sucks. Also it is high damage on dragons that don’t have Ice Turret resist.

Won’t be useful on perch island because my Red mage is low and can be 1 shot. After that you’re free to use any spell to disable any tower you’d like.

High towers can’t really do anything when hey are on islands without anything else.


By adding that high lvl ICE TURRET that adds a shield to all the resource buimdings? Um, no.


You will have ZERO supershots left at this point so no.


You mean to tell me coach wont kill lead? Pff


True, just with my strategy you would deal same damage with a fire flak that lives longer by storm and then dies for its added ability of self destruction.

Then would have ice shield for res buildings which have highest hp and lasts much longer than storm. Not to mention some DPS on perch island.

Just curious, to each their own.