Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Don’t you have your own “base advice thread” to give base advice in?


I do actually, you wanna contribute somethin to it other than agree with mech?

Is there something wrong with me asking Coach about his thoughts on a hypothetical situation involving his layout on his thread?


Said more than I need to about your “strategy”.

Questions and suggestions to his base aren’t the same. Discussions and suggestions aren’t the same.


Exactly, thats my point that you did not contribute by agreeing with what was already said.

Sounds like u got a few more people you need to talk to than just me then


Waoooooooooooooo i am headind this way since event start, but wkth ligtning in first island with red tower protection.

should i use 4 lightnings and 1 red tower or 3 ligtning with red and blu towers?


Hate to break it to you, but Lightning’s are pretty much useless due to there being an equippable resist and a lot of dragons already having the resist (necryx, whale, noc, etc). Plus, since it’s hard enough to keep 8 towers at builder/storage cap, if 3 of those can be resisted, and 3 are mages, you’re only at 2 towers actually being a decent threat.
Lightning damage also caps out at 3 adjacent towers btw’s, so the 4th isn’t adding anything.
Plus, that island can be invince shielded or cloaked over, etc since there’s no blue.


Thank you, preciete your help, i love lightning soo gona keep them and will use 3 lighnting towera and 1blue/1red protection.


What is it about Lightning’s that you like?


They are one of the most badass original towers to ANY dragon without the resist.

Is why i got em on my home island. I fear ill soon be forced to cut it down to only 1 or 2 though.


Repeat this 3 times.


Doesnt mean its true, right? I keep getting told this…

But like i said, is why i keep em on home island


If only there was a way to verify it for yourself…


Good. Lt resist aint gonna help against farm/mill hp, if i can get attacker to equip that instead of another to kill res spots then im ok with that.

Guess archers are useless too.


You are aware farms and mills are no longer a stumbling block right? They might be in the future again, but current meta they are really easy to kill, nothing fancy needed.

I suppose looking at your base you really need your farms and mills though…


This point helps. But I am not sure if this will still make me think about changing layout unless I have bunch of more high level towers since there is no way to replicate rage drain anywhere else yet!
Speaking purely from platinum league experience considering most still don’t dodge rage drain well.
If rage drain becomes completely irrelevant. I would switch my layout to L1 and S1 with Sorcerer on perch.


Wait until PG releases seasonal dragons with weird rage generate method…



But seriously, leh doo ehht


Instant kill, or thats what it does to my dragon on well made bases. Also thunders are cool stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Aibrean is already rare rage generator, i love it. With lvl 5 (210K power with bosts) i took 99lvl large base with 950+ atk power ( i was lvl 61).

I Love that dragon


I still use spindra decently :wink:

But yes i will ALWAYS be using at least 1 LT, at least until a new tower is released that fks this up.