Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Im talking about the hunter ability for perch but using evidence from rider gear to support the theory that 10% buff is applied to both primary and special attacks of towers on perch island(s). Edit* granted they are not the same and in no way does it mean the same for perch just bc it is that way for rider gear… just was best i got to go with atm but tower gear is also applied to all spots and not just perch designated so is just something to go from other than nothing lol


Yeah, I still think the hunters only increase regular attack dmg, and sorcerers increase supershot damage. Hopefully we can get some staff in here to clarify it.


Waiting for this :eyes:


By putting 5 lvl1 mage at most front island, do they function well? Or do dragon can destroy them just before mages fire the supershot? I havent encounter one yet, that why i want to know the effectiveness :grin: (mybe i’ll just experiment one)


That’s for active defence not for AI defence. But if active defence then yes it will fire before the dragon can destroy the towers.


Regarding a mythic hunter on a perch

Sadly its like this:
increases resist by a % for that island only
Doubles the damage the dragon on the perch does for a % of the shots fired by the perch
Increases the Perch’s attack power by a %

The initial posts led me to believe that it would be for the island, but this is not so on the testing I have done. I have verified this, so unless they change it this is how it is for now.


Yes and attack power is applied to both primary and special attacks of any tower, every time :slight_smile: …but like u said only for perch towers


Hmm, let me clarify

Sorceror buff = all 5 towers
Hunter buff = perch only, not a single tower


Interesting, do you have what you verified still so i may see? Id have to disagree on that and mainly bc what a worthless ability compared to warrior and sorcerers perch ability.


Hehe yes its sad isn’t it.

I’ll pm you the information


Thank you for the information. It is very sad indeed.


I actually think there’s no way to keep 5 towers maxed out past lvl 45 towers :slight_smile: Im able to max out only 2 towers right now :slight_smile:


I am now 100% in agreement with you now that you can’t keep many towers maxed for a long time. I had originally done some standard/typical levels as a concept (i think i picked level 56, 84, 126, 162) and they all fit the pattern so i went with it.

However since then i started with a brand new level 1 account (theoretically) and my fort planner and leveled up the towers literally one by one to see where i would have to “overlevel” some towers or make additional ones for storage just to gain levels to unlock builder hut/storage amount in the lower game. It also lead me to see that you CAN in fact have 9 max level towers up until a certain level and then drops off pretty sharply for the mid level range then can be built up at the end when you start maxing more towers.

I’m in the middle of compiling my picture to explain better but yes i definitely agree there is a HUGE dip in the number of max towers you can have in the mid level range of this game.


I noticed I receive a lot of mails in game with people just wanting to see my base. So I’ll start uploading pictures of my base after each Fortification.

Here’s my current one:


Have you planned your fortification event yet?


Yes I have, just deciding how high I want to go. I think I’ll go to 198. Not sure yet. Timers wise I can go to 250-260 :joy:


Jeez lol. Well at least you don’t have to bother worrying about incubation times haha. That’s where my impatience kicks in and my longest incubation time has been just 15 days


I’m (im)patiently waiting for my 22 day plat breeds x2 - and I’m only halfway through the first… I’ll need to speed before next breed event though because I need both of them for that…


Yeah I speed everything up. I don’t wait on anything anymore. Balanced leveling will allow you to do just that.

Don’t push too high too fast.


Is there a “rule of thumb” when it comes to leveling? I’m at 75 and would like 84 for dragon leveling and breeding purposes. Rule of thumb other than being able to beat people at your own level. Thanks in advance.