Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


What do u think about this ??
The Storm Shield’s will cover also the two Mages lv40.


I think the mages may be down before the storm shield special ability activates unfortunately


i remodel
Any advices on the 2nd part of the island and in general??


Try a lvl 1 ice flak at the front of the rage Drain? I use it on my alt and main and works very well…


  • Blocks Mystic Winds
  • Makes it more difficult for fliers who can kill and cloak the mage shots


Sometimes I put a treb in the back portion of the kill island for stuns but I prefer this layout.


People can leave Ice Flak as an anchor so no…

I am definitely not worried about Zamrok and Kirin taking or setting up my base :slight_smile:


I would use a red mage as anchor :man_shrugging:t2:. I saw the discussion above and Spindra can pretty much dodge the rage drain.

  1. Kill all the towers but a red mage w normal swipe attack
  2. Use Sacrifice, hit NL
  3. Wait repeat step 2 until you pass the red mage.
    You can pretty much get full rage. To add on you can use Summon warrir/ invert


Hello Coach,

Your follower XG here. Your comment and valuable advise.


My thoughts:
Cannon behind fire flak, ice turret behind storm and blue mage in middle of back mid.
That being said changes are very minimal and your base looks badass ( in my opinion atleast )


Here are some videos of my base after the addition of fire flak.

Here are 3 defenses without me defending, just my teammates.

Here is a defense with me defending

Yes his lead sucks lol but still… Destar (without chain lightning, can’t do much)


Did he use a thunderstorm BEFORE spell flux? :crazy_face:


In the last video? Yes, cuz he didn’t have rage for flux :smiley:


LOL what a crappy lead, he should have swapped before being pelted by the mages


He did in the 2nd and 3rd attack :smiley:


Your base setup is like mine. Focus on maxing out your towers in the front of the middle island. Your red mage is falling behind. Don’t level Ice Turret until you max out the front 5.

I would swap you blue mage tower with fire turret, and then swap the fire turret with storm. IF you put storm in the middle of the back island you will be able to shield towers on the front part of your middle island. Also on the front part of middle island you probably want to put your blue mage in front and red mage in the middle.


Thanks Coach. Based on last 3 month replay, I noticed that no hunter attacker does tap burst damage on red mage in order to set backer for red spell. Mainly spell flux 1 shot kill used by Sorcerer. Just wondering is maxed red mage is even required with strom shield already there.


It is definitely a great point you brought up. I believe it is up to a persons preference. Majority of the fliers don’t know how to dodge rage drain island so they will not have rage to use Spell Flux, also, I can’t think of any dragon that can lead on my base that has a Spell Flux spell. Dragons with Spell Flux, (Destar), usually don’t have dodge spells to avoid rage drain, so by the time they come to my kill island they will not have rage to spell flux my red mage tower.

Personally, as I am more inclined to facing Destar at this level, they will have to target my storm first. After they kill it, they will focus on Red mage asap because they usually equip Chain Lightning. Having a maxed out red mage tower will prolong them using the chain lightning and hopefully pass my lead towers (Blue and Dark Flak).

Again, I think it’s preference based and that there’s no wrong way of handling it. Thank you for bringing it up as I haven’t thought of that, it just so happens that for me it’s most beneficial to have a maxed out red mage.


This is exactly my line of thought. But unfortunately i don’t have enough embers nor speedups to get fire flak (fml)
So I am in a bind thinking whether to upgrade fire turret or archer as sixth tower.


Archer but problem is that attacker can always add its resist.You can work on 2nd blue mage upgrade till time allows you to have more embers.


Yepppp lacking embers as well and and in the exact bind as you