Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Why do you think i don’t recommend keeping more than 1 flak on your base unless you are a very heavy spender or have a lot of embers currently on hand (enough to fully do 2 towers) lol. Lots of people can keep up with embers until the level 30-40’s then it changes.


Or white lockdown.


Lockdown doesn’t stop the supershot.


I know, but it disables a level 1 mage for an anchor.

EDIT: are you saying you can supershot after it’s locked down and it still fires? I assume you mean it doesn’t avoid the supershots already set.


You can’t leave it as anchor because it’s temporary lockdown not permanent. So you can leave it and then get burned again with next drag :slight_smile:


I had read someone’s notes on entrap and it was poorly worded. I should have known to check ForScience’s notes.

Still, I see this coming eventually.


With the change to defensive rider bonuses from the whole base now to just zones, it sounds like they’re all but gutting rage drain islands.

Which islands will you move your base to?


I just woke up, I didn’t think this idea will be implemented because it’s a terrible idea in my opinion, just nerfing bases of 90% of the players (free players) to buff the bases of heavy spenders. Shitty change to the game but we have to adapt because in PG’s mind they are buffing bases rofl. Bunch of plebs smh… So yes! I will be brainstorming on how to make decent base now.


Initial thought in my head is moving the perch up ahead to Rage Drain island, and allowing attackers to leave the attackers to use the perch as an anchor. That would require me to do Riverwatch Perch from level 0 to 30 which will cost me about 100 days of speedups and 2 wasted levels.

You will still have chance to burn the attacker to 0 rage (if he doesn’t know how to fly, if he does then it wouldn’t have mattered in the first place). They will be able to build up 2 rages back by the time they come to your middle island.

Bad: 2nd attacker will have full rage probably.



You could give up the rider buffs and only depend on gear buffs and keep the perch at a low level?


Unconfirmed if the future way will be this way, but currently, perch needs to be 30 to get the full effect of the rider and armor perks.


Not according to PGEcho:


Right now I am thinking about this setup. Funny because this was initially my base setup. Obviously I will play around with tower positioning.


First attacker will have rage on the turn for sure. Plus it will be a longer runup for the second attacker. I still think if you really MUST have a perch then sacrificing and building that riverwatch perch is the way to go.


Id like to say i’ve tried that and it doesnt work…

long doesnt function as a rage drain. just saying

My gut feeling is, dont compensate … keep the rage drain, keep the original perch

You only lose the “potential” rider gear you might have had. … how many ppl have good defensive gear?


You can always go without the rage drain on the middle long, the attacker will start off turning. Will have rage as well… But that buff from the perch should make it harder to kill the towers, idk, I’m still brain storming.


Why Storm in middle?
The back storm well enough protects all the towers i know of. and in the castle island, storm in place of red mage is well, best place.
And you know about rage drain, so no comments on that.


I tried that too back in the beginning and it never worked.


It was just brainstorming off top of my head, but the basic reasoning is that you don’t want two mages next to each other because Tidal Waves can solo shot them before Neptus turns, also you don’t want 2 flaks because Tidal Wave can kill all your damage before the turn. Putting storm in the middle will only kill 1 of your mage or 1 of Flaks if Tidal Waved.


Thanks for that, looks like they changed it.