Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Me :disappointed:

I’ve put literally everything into defensive rider and zero into the offensive ones so this really hurts me

I’m considering the effects of switching to a micro base as well now coach. But with the amount of runes I have I am not sure if it will be worth it :thinking:


But that 5 vine though…


Blue mage behind? Atleast for me its a bit tough to fly on such bases. But yeah it becomes atypical setup and i do understand that DF in center is not an option. This base is gonna cry against Necryx :sob:


I think Gox is saying to keep your original base: mage island 6. 4,5 are towers, 3 is farms with perch.


That doesn’t affect where the storm tower is though :smiley:

But yeah, we will have to give up something in order to be as successful as we can be in this shitty change. :smiley:


In fact I am thinking two kill island setup might work interestingly, albeit lower level towers.


It does though? Can’t 5 vine a center mage except for on first long.

But this:



Once you get to 10 maxed towers, it’s easy, move everything up to middle long as it is now and instead of rage drain you have 2nd kill island on 2nd short. But I’m 3-5 months away from that situation.

I do agree with @Gox1201 that that might be the best option. It is hard to leave the defensive rider gear that we all crafted.


I kind of feel that for that setup it might be better to NOT switch; your base will take a beating; the current perch setup could still be used to make your defenders gear give your farms a hellova boost.

You will essentially only lose the few attack gear bonuses on GEAR you had, i think offset vs the layout change, the old setup might still favour you


This is best option for f2p currently i agree, even with all the changes.


I think that I agree with you right now, I have million thoughts in my head right now lol. Maybe I should suck it up for 3-5 months until I have 10 maxed towers and be able to switch into 2 kill islands.


hmm not necessarily; i think its added a headache for us though :slight_smile:

Working out where the min-max curve lies. But my first reaction is kind of keep calm, and see what it brings.

It has opened up at LEAST 1 new meta I can see, where you can use gear to make longer somewhat viable vs shorter


One strong meta for 350+ for sure.
Low levels like me are gonna have to suck it up :man_shrugging:
Anyway, change is good, whatever the change is :sweat:


Oh definitely it catered to the high level players, but it screwed middle level players…


Leaving setup as is:

Buffing the rider on first short island perch so that it increases HP of farm immensely. Adding an Ice turret or keeping a red mage with farms.
-Depending on zombie farms until I get enough max level towers to shift my base up and have 2 kill islands (one on middle long and 1 on second short.)

Going to micro base:

Open to dragons disabling my kill island due to amount of rage, and finishing off the base with Ember lol.
Getting buffs to towers that might not be used due to the towers being disabled. Depending on player level skill. Being in diamond 1 you’d think there’s a lot of skilled players… Hmm…

Moving perch to rage drain island:

Leaving an anchor with basically full rage. But benefitting from the buff in the gear.


I think Micro base would work with an ice flak instead of fire flak, atleast relatively better just for supershot disabling shields.


I was just wondering about that. A second flak seems nice, but upgrading keeps getting more expensive at higher levels while I don’t see any reason why the rate at which I gain embers (as E2P) would go up.

I have just enough spare embers to buy a max-level (27) flak right now, but I expect it might be smarter to hang on to them in case I run low later (or in case PG makes them go as rare as black pearls and rune dust suddenly). My ultraconservative policy is not to start a second flak until I have enough embers to raise my first one to 60…


Ember drops increased over the last couple months. I almost always had just enough for 4-5 ember upgrades, but all of a sudden I had enough for a level 60, and in between each fort I earned enough to build myself a couple of level 19 totems.


They did increase % of ember drops and also the quantity of drop. So i will probably get new flak in fall since i will be opening all my gold chests then. But, idk how many more flaks will come by then :man_shrugging:
2 more are expected anyway.


After sleeping on it, I think i might stick to the layout and bite the bullet and not change. See how it works out and if there are drastic flaws adapt afterwards.