Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


A question Coach.
Currently I only have one perch.
Since now perch affects more towers, and the dragon effect lasts even after the perch is destroyed, between rear short island (15% Supershot boost / HP boost, and rear long island) and middle long island (rage drain), which one is better?

Note. Learning about middle long island, this setup seems better than rear island, when undefended. However, when defended, i don’t know which one is better (average defender = 0-2, mostly 0 or 1)


Perch affect more towers but the islands they affect is terribly structured. There is no room for rage drain island with the new composition of Perches.

What I will do is keep my setup as is right now and just butt the 1st short island perch to increase HP of my farms as much as possible.

As far as which island I think is better, it’s definitely the middle island in my opinion.


What about 2nd perch?
For higher level, it’s important not to have it. Due to the extra boost, is it good (or bad) to invest on it, assuming that I have enough pearl?
(Given that the middle island is now my only killer island)


I’m not going to be building it, I will sacrifice the boost that it gives so I can maintain the Rage Drain island on the 2nd short island. If I build a perch the rage drain island will be pointless.


Ok. Thanks for the advice.


I look forward to your opinions on how this changes the Meta of base building after you test it through numerous wars :blush:


Hey @Coach , with the recent changes to the Perchs, what do u think about this setups ?? im lv178 and im a bit behind but im in time to fix ( maybe). Thx u
Kaiju on Perch lv29 (+15% HP ) Ice Flak is there just because its highest compared to Fire Flak


Will you be building that 2nd perch now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Tbh i never understood why you didnt, to anyone with skill that rage drain island dont mean anything anyway, with everyone else they die so what does it matter?


The point of the Rage Drain island is that it cant be left as an anchor, not necessarily to drain.

I will not be building 2nd perch as of now, why would I, they didn’t even change the gear stats yet, and who knows when they will. Funny that I didn’t know that Polter was actually MartianExile, should have known…


They changed last night didnt they?


*coughs loudly*


Oh rofl, didn’t feel any difference farming lumber on 300s and 400s this morning… :smiley: Idk yet will have to see. Don’t foresee me building the 2nd perch.


Until you have the gear i agree…


I don’t understand, can’t you make an anchor with a lockdown equip? Just destroy the level 1’s and lockdown the 13.


if you are using lockdown on 13, that means you are already hit by mage supershots and can’t setup at all.
Edit: I didn’t mean you can’t use lockdown in the first place. That’s wasting a lockdown spell for equip instead of invincibility or summon warrior which/ more useful spells on main island when dragon dies quickly.
You won’t have any rage entering main island, at max 1 rage.


Epuipped spells don’t use rage though, nullifying the effects of a rage drain

Edit: yes it would be a waste of a lockdown, especially since you wouldn’t be able to use it twice. But it would still serve as an anchor, correct? That should still give enough room for 3 attackers.

I guess this would be useless on a war run, since you can only use 2 dragons at most.

Or maybe not, a strong enough Nier or Necryx could probably clear some towers with their elemental barrier shielding them for a bit.

At the very least, you could use the second lockdown on that blue mage in the back since its out of any red mages range.


Lol how is that nullifying the rage drain effect? if you are locking down a blue mage tower that means you will get drained because you can’t dodge the supershots that are coming your way.

That means that you will be entering middle island with no or 1 bar of rage which means your are acrewed and won’t be able to set anything up.

Rofl Nier…

Not to mention as Lutrus said, if you are wasting 5th spell on Lockdown I already won.

P.S. who cares if you can take my base with 3 dragons, only thing that matters is if you can get 5 flamed in the war.


I tried…
He is talking theory :man_shrugging:


I’ll give you some information why this setup works still.

I have 59 towers now, I’ll post the picture up later when I finish building what I planned to build.

With Rage Drain island Destar cannot (or rarely can) take my base. He will get drained, and won’t have enough rage for Spell Flux to kill my red mage. Destar will have to focus on killing storm and then killing red mage. By the time those are dead either he will be dead or he will be flying right above dark flak and blue mage. If he gets the CL off on them he is a low HP already and will be finished off by Ice Turret in the back.

With Perch he will have time to regenerate rage and have enough rage for Spell Flux to kill my red and after that, it’s a wrap, CL on rest of towers…

If I removed Rage Drain Island and shift my base back to first long and first short, I will not be able to rage drain Destar on middle long. Which again, results in him approaching my kill island with enough rage to flux my red mage tower.

At this point, there is not upside of me adding perch on Rage Drain Island because the buff will not stop Destars spell flux from killing my red mage tower.

Why am I talking about Destar? Because he is most heavily flown dragon right now (not to mention that it is NO SKILL REQUIRED dragon) that I am facing.

Once the day comes where I see some new dragon taking my base with ease due to me not having perch buffs I will adjust then.

For now, my setup still works and I don’t need to rely on buffs of the perch to kill expert dragons.

@MikesGoN2GetU as I have explained, no… Even when I have gear it wont matter because destar will come with full rage and flux my red mage and CL rest with the 5th spell. So no, gear doesn’t matter.


I still don’t understand, if its a war run then wouldn’t 2 Destars be able to run through the base with the aforementioned lockdown acting as an anchor for the second flyer?