Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


sure, but teams often try to do solo waves (only bringing backup against the bigger bases)… people often underestimate Coaches base because his base is much harder than others around his level (or even 20 levels higher).


And then, what? They’re too ashamed they lost to ask for help? I thought one of the biggest points of this game was teamwork, friendship, and all that stuff.


As simple as that it is difficult to solo coach base even with 1 defender.


I hope you understand what:

  1. wave is
  2. value of each defense point is
    If yes, then you understand that someone trying to solo his base during wave and failing will give his team one extra point in defense, which can be potentially winning point for the team.
    All wars in diamond and even high sapphire league are 250-250 flames and only win/loss on defense.
    Heck even high platinum wars are that way.


Mike already mentioned wave attacks. Of course one will ask for higher support if can’t get 5 :fire: but then chances are of 3 defenders defending his base crediting unnecessary defense points.


I’m fully aware of the defense points in the top leagues, I just don’t understand why players wouldn’t go in fully armed. You’re in the top leagues for a reason.


which league are you in and how much do you know about how wars run in top leagues? What is their main priority and what are purposes of waves?
If you know answer to each of these questions, then you wouldn’t ask this question in the first place.


I dunno about anyone else here but there is a 0% chance that our players attack without a backer of at least equivalent dragon attacking power on our runs. The only exception is against a base that is under L100, and even then we still try and get a backer in on them.

The odds of something random happening, a base being exceptionally hard, 3 defenders, etc is something we don’t risk.

Others risk it against us and regret it


We had to drop down to gold 4 since some of our players are on vacation, no one is obligated to spend 24/7 on the game.


Not everyone has max Destar… If they need two of their bigs/fliers to kill a low 300 thats one less big with a lead to take down the 400’s

But regarless you missing the point. The point isn’t that his base is the best there could ever be. Its that it is the best it can be for his level. above we were merely discussing the option of adding a perch because of the new gear buffs. And Coach believes it wouldn’t be worth it for him as the rage drain is more beneficial to him than a rider gear buff.


Not necessary 24/7. 2-3 hours in a day are enough for war support at least in sapphire. You just need to be available at planned time or when requested.


Can only hope someday

:thinking: :thought_balloon:


No they aren’t, and I also respect you as a player irrespective of the league you are in.
Co-ordination and teamwork are needed to take down big 400s in wars.
For which, valuable high level players can’t back against low 300s/ higher 400s while taking down the highest players as well.
We run waves even in Plat 3 to take down 300s.
What i am saying is that you might be missing some critical issues in wars at the top.
@FLAKnIceHole lol you know 250 flames problems as much as i do.


No matter how well coordinated, our overall levels are only good enough for platinum. And we we’re never very competitive to begin with, so the loss of any players really cuts us down.


Come to us with your most active and we will rule the World.

or at least get back to sapphire someday?

Would you believe Platinum 1?



In my 10 months play I always thought higher league will be more demanding as I was mostly in platinum league and recently moved in sapphire. I’m now in sapphire-1 leaugue. One quick observation is that in platinum only 3 or 4 good players drags whole team and here in sapphire 20-30 good people drags whole team. No comment for diamond as I have no experience. I find sapphire more organised, well planned and less time wastage. Just my 2c.

Sorry coach, it is getting too offtopic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes a person with a back up would. But if I have a perch a person doesn’t have to equip Lockdown spell, they just leave Perch alive to regenerate rage and kill it as they are flying above it. Destar will have enough rage to spell flux my mage and use CL for other towers.

Result = 1 dragon solo’s my base

If I don’t have perch, attacker wastes 5th spell on Lockdown

Result = need 2 dragons to get my base

Depending on a team, obviously Rulith doesn’t do it as Mechengg said but if you have 30 people online, you can send 20 people to solo bases and other 10 back up each other… Well if you’re soloing my base you probably won’t succeed if I am defending. The reason people do that is because I haven’t seen a team that is so organized that can defend each of those 25 attacks.

I do not know how to explain it better.


Ok, so you’re basically splitting the attention of the defenders. Thanks for explaining. This was definitely intersting, and something I wouldn’t be able think up on my own.


Again this is just focusing on 1 dragon. Right now it is not beneficial for me to shrink my base or add another perch as the majority of the times my base is attacked it’s done so by Destar.

Once the new Harbingers are released I’ll adjust if needed.


Yeah considering we were in same team for i dont even know how long, probably longest ive been in a team with anyone lol

Reds can be countered(anchored) and both can be blinked, to each their own. It appears my quest to convert you to ice flak and 2nd perch continues…