Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Here the progress from this fortification event!


how does six top towers setup feel?


Looks awesome! Just curious: why’d you level some towers in the back? I recall you’ve said that leveling any towers except your kill island would just inhibit progress. Did you level because you’ve rearranged and added more elemental towers? :t_rex:


because he can’t lvl front ones


I’m close to maxing out towers… That’s why. I didn’t want to waste 60k egg tokens to get 4 obisidan eggs to get my Builders hut next level so I decided to stop at 59 and level some in the back so I can hit 300.

Don’t level anything in the back until your towers are maxed or close to be maxed.


Does the blue mage being unprotected by storm and ice Turret shields, cause any problems?


No it does not.


they concentrate on killing it meanwhile dark flak and fire flak kill dragon in peace.
RIP any dragon :rofl:




Ah okay that makes sense. Thank you :grin: I’m following your guide (with some tweaks) and I’m sure I’ll always have a lot to learn :t_rex:


Has anyone tried flying Fomhar through your base yet?


I think fomhar at a high enough level (obsidian) should be able to set up the base if the flier knows what he/she is doing. If the flier doesn’t know how to fly properly, fomhar will die really fast.


I have not encountered Fomhar for some reason…


Tight learning curve , like hau. Majority will think he sucks


Just a question, Maybe I missed it, but is it a good idea to put my stored towers back on my home island
My setup is similar to yours. Rage drain, long kill island and farm island


Other than totems, doing that will make absolutely no difference. The stored towers will almost never kill a dragon and if you put a stored ballista, you will have to do ballista egg token missions again! I put my stored towers on the home island once because my defense power was rather disappointing…


It affects what you get for token missions so I wouldn’t do it. Imagine a destroy 20 ballista mission… :joy:


Ikr, who has time for 1 or 2 invader runs…


Atlas <> core game. Most don’t have it.


Ummm it has a huge effect if you are grinding missions out. Lol. Or even if you exit game for a bit of a break and come back to a crappy mission