Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Hey @Coach,
Apologies if this has been asked before, but on your back middle island, your red mage is in the corner. Doesn’t this leave that blue mage in the opposite corner unprotected by the red shield? What’s your reasoning for this mage placement? Both my reds are in the center of their segments, but if having it in the corner is better, I’ll definitely adjust. Thank you :t_rex:


I find a few benefits:

  • People don’t use red spells typically for 1 tower (unless it’s something special like US/DG/etc). they won’t waste an AOE 2+ rage spell on it anyways most of the time
  • It brings an attacking tower more up front
  • Bringing red to the back makes it substantially harder to kill, especially if it’s a super low level. You can snipe a red from a long distance if it’s in the middle, however you have to wait for a long time if it’s hidden in the rear corner.


Hmm that’s interesting :thinking: I just think blue mages are too important to leave uncovered, but I’m guessing that the attacker will already be busy with the front towers. Thank you for the response, I appreciate it :t_rex:


The way the geometry works in the back 5 makes it pretty difficult to hit with a red spell without triggering the red shield too. So it isn’t really “uncovered”, think of it as it having an overhang to protect it.


That makes sense. I’ve noticed it’s pretty hard to nail depending on what position the towers are in. Will do some adjustments, thanks guys :t_rex:


(also, you can put the red right behind the blue if you are worries about it)
That way you leave just a DPS tower uncovered if you are super worries about mages for some reason.


How does this look? (The one upgrading is a Fire Turret… I don’t normally upgrade outside of fortifications but I had an extra builder slot and I could use the XP from it when it finishes, lol.)


I’d swap your upgrading tower with literally anything else first off. Until it’s finished it does zero good.
Secondly the rest looks fine. It you wanted to swap your red and archer it would probably be fine as well to protect your blue. But depends on levels of everything and if people actually use red spells


That’s a good idea, didn’t think about swapping the turret out. Will do that. The archer and cannon are both level 24; blue is 23, red is 22. Undefended, my kill island will down 1-2 dragons around my level (higher if they’re sh!t fliers lol) and by the time the third dragon comes around the kill towers are mostly gone and they can clean that back island right out with really no spells needed. Haven’t upgraded the back five (except the turret now haha) in a while. Just focusing on the front five :t_rex:


Lol! Our bases look exactly the same. Only difference is that my blue mage has swapped place with dark flak, and Ice Turret and storm has swapped places.


High five :joy:

I’m considering swapping out the archer tower for either a fire flak or ice flak. Putting the ice flak where the archer tower is, or putting the cannon tower where the archer is, fire turret where the cannon is, Ice turret where the FT is and placing a Fire Flak where the Ice turret is. What do you guys think is the best option?

I’m level 140 atm.


fire flak in first 5 and you are set.




Doesn’t the red mage in that location protects the blue as well.


More or less


Wait so you are saying that is difficult to hit it but it can still be done?


Yep :+1:t3:


“Help, i tried to make ramen in the coffee pot and broke everything.”

Ok sooo scrap everything and start over? What are my options…?


Hows your breeding going? Gotta get that up to speed so you can get L50+ towers instead of being limited to (43?)


Yep im about to start pushing forward on that, im not worried when i can still take well above my level defended…

Gold research nearly complete as well


Nah you need higher towers. I reckon I can solo your base defended and I’m 170.