Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Each spot is different in distance from start of islands, towers have both a primary attack range as well as a special attack range and rate for each so each tower will correspond differently within each spot


Your base sucks Coach. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@MartianExile out of timers :smiley: Only got it to 53…

@MyN1ppleIsSour I know man! :slight_smile:


@Coach has a dragon with absorb magic hit you yet?


I don’t think his base would have a problem with it, just don’t charge mages and use storm and df supershots


Rajin can kill the red mage with spell flux, then use seeker shots on the kill island because the rage drain is ineffective.


Would have to blow all 5 rage on spell flux, absorb magic, then seeker shots. Depending on how much damage SS does, there is a chance that it won’t fully kill the towers isn’t there?


Towers are protected by storm tower, plus its random, so yes he might get the right towers, but he’s now at .5-.75 rage after using his magic, spellflux and seeker shots. Now what? Now he can get hit by back loaded mages and is open to all the damage.


No dragon with Absorb Magic can do anything on my base :slight_smile:


Given your defenders don’t just go straight into the defense loading mages without looking at the dragon haha

If you had ice flak now, then that statement would be true :eyes:


Yeah very true lol!


Recently had a war where they had a maxed Rajin and it was so hard to get my
Guys to stop supershotting the mages but once they did the dragon was a paperweight.


1 line announcement, 3 team emails and 4 group tags later… xD

Jk, glad it worked out!


I was only hit by Rajin once lol. I was a noob and didn’t check and tried to drain him rofl… I just don’t expect Rajin’s to fly.


Fortification is done, but I’m excited for next one where I’ll get my front 5 to 65!!!:slight_smile:


Incoming Ryuu. Mwuahaha


Happy birthday I think? Lol (the cake icon) sorry off topic


Happppppyy birthday!!!


Happy birthday rag! :slight_smile: :cake:


Happy bday! ::tada::tada::tada: :t_rex: