Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


I would go to @RedRaidingHood website and there is a page called “Checkin”. There you will see what dragons you should have at what level. Follow that and never level more then what is said there. That will give you a good balance of dragon strength with your base level.


Cool, that’s what I’m using/doing now. Thanks again (and thanks Red)!


Level 196 after this fortification:


Even after following check-in there are always some bases of same level which you can’t beat defended with a single dragon imo. I felt defeated when i tried to do that on a friend’s base.


I was wondering if there is a chance to stop a sage thunderstorm by swapping lev 45 blue mage and lev 47 Dark flak :thinking:


No diff I think. It’s pretty easy to fire off a thunderstorm before the blue comes into range. Also with the rebalancing sage is getting a white thunderstorm so again no diff.


I’m guessing that you have a handful of towers in storage now, towers you had to build before you could start building the elemental ones. What is the logic behind keeping them in storage rather than filling in the empty spots in the back?

As an attacker, I’m relieved when I turn that corner and know that it’s now smooth sailing until the end. Why leave that area undefended and make an attacker’s life easier?


I leave mine out but not to kill the attacker because the towers are too low level for that. I leave them out to slow the attacker down so I can dump resources if needed.


I actually don’t have many towers in storage because I didn’t waste any experience building other towers. There’s no point in putting lvl 5-15 towers on that island. They are not gonna kill anybody or anything. If you check the video out you will notice that I don’t build towers that I don’t plan to use.


One of CoachJPop YouTube tutorial follower. No towers in store.


Heh nice. Why are you leveling the towers on the Long Island? The only towers you should level are the towers on your short island.


They are stopped now once DF got unlocked on lvl 45. Next upgrades will be those 5 towers on perch till max storage hut allows. Cycle will continue of hut and perch towers…again…again. Did you notice…no fire turret in setup which forced me to upgrade few lvl on Long Island.


Yeah. Just keep doing that, perch island, storage, hut. :+1:t3:


Do you think its viable option to try and level up all of mid long island except the back mages in a setup similar to yours?


It’s a viable option, I like having a second blue mage tower at high level though.


Here’s the new update, still 196 with 50 farms after this breeding:


Hey Coach! Love your base building video. Been sharing it with all my team members. I did have one question. In your video, you mentioned you were not going to expand till max level tower (expand to middle Long Island). What made you expand early? More curious than anything.



Where did he expand? He just shifted already existing towers and added a rage drain island in front! If you see the front small island, its only low level mage towers( preferably level 1 ) which are useful while defending!
If you activate 2 towers out of those 5 mage towers, they take away all the dragon’s rage so that dragon enters his strongest defense area with low or no rage helping the high DPS towers ( a.k.a. Dark flak and Ice turret to an extent ) take down the dragon quickly.


Expand = Shift. I just recall him saying in the video he wasn’t going to ‘shift’ till max lvl. I’m curious ‘when’ shifting would be appropriate. Curious as my small island (where he has lvl 50 farms) is about to be lvl 40 towers


The new philosophy of building base this way imo started after Necryx happened!
Strongest base design keeps changing with arrival of new divines and for highest levels with arrival of new dragon tier.
As i have seen, short base still works as long as it is not necryx/hau or Noctua!
So there is no set point to when it should be shifted.
All i can say is if you are war oriented and have defenders on most of the time during war, the middle island format which coach currently has is best mainly due to rage drain island.
Even short base is still awesome but rage drain makes ton of difference unless the flier is extremely good at flying which is really rare.
I personally shifted from short island to middle long island when i was lev 56 and imo that is earliest you can do this shift.
Some players recommending above level 100 though.