Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Lmao thanks. Didn’t see that there


Wowie. How do you get all those embers to max your flaks? I see you’ve got three :flushed: :t_rex:


@Ragnar happy bday bud! :smiley:

@hellraptor I don’t know mate, I only open chests during breeding events…


Mind if I ask how many gold chests you open on average per breeding event? :t_rex:


Breed event has no embers


Didn’t say it did. I just said that I open chests during Breed.


Yeah just didnt want him to think you got embers from breed.


Fortification almost done… Still need to get farms and mills to 65!

Finally close to maxing out! (Until new tower levels are released that I’ll never get)


you know what your base need? a Balista!!!


Don’t level your farms/mills above 63 until they fix their bug on 64/65 levels.


Ahh I don’t care about the production :smiley: As long as I get more HP :smiley:


Takes out ember


How do you feel about that level 39 fire turret ?
Im also limiting upgrades to my front 5 - 6 towers, but those 2 last filler spots are falling far behind.
Im thinking of replacing it with a low level storm.


Coach, you know i respect u and all but ur layout lookin like it should come in black n white it so old.

And yeah it does look like 1 hit id be toast, guess that means id have to not get hit… imagine buffs.

Nah he couldnt pull it off like i can and am.


Mike is joking around lol


If you’re gonna get 1 hit and only way to not die is to not get hit, what will the buffs change?

I love the constant hate though bro :slight_smile:

I will test shortening the base on 1,2,3 and testing the outcome now that I have max towers.


I am aware but i am not joking lol

They would allow you to space out those incredibly powerful towers for starters, to allow room for newer towers like ice flak.

Idk why you think i hate you, its the opposite man i am trying to help but ur too good to even consider. Every time we battled i would say how much fun i had, how we would 1 up each other back n forth, i remember telling you this too and even though you didnt feel i deserved anything back im still here tryin to help you against ppl like me.

Anyway not like you need my help, i am absolutely sure you can handle yourself and with tougher attackers than i can at the moment …its right around the corner though.


Lmao y’all are still having this beef? Nice job gettin 65s tho, Coach :facepunch:.
Just wait for that upcoming ballista flak, mike :eyes:.


Isn’t the fire flak the “ballista flak”? With it being able to reduce a dragons attack like the enervating ballista runes.


:joy: i was hoping that would of cleared up any misunderstanding that i hate or even dislike his work…i just think he has options to do even better so i tried to get that fire goin is all lol