Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Nah ballista is unique and deal dmg over time that is stackable

Also im not sure how its all factored in, if overall buff at the end or if completely negated from say attack item against enervating or even how weakening is factored which i assumed like fire turrets spitfire but hell i dont even know how that is calculated in the formula either if im being completely honest.

It does stack nicely though, the dmg, i just think the poisoning effect may be giving me false indication of the weakening effect to be functioning properly


I really, really want to see the damage alone of your ballista that you stand by. If you remove all the other towers around it, how much is it actually going to do over time? Is it even noticeable?
And how does that enervating damage reduction compare to the Fire Flak’s supershot?
I’d post this on your own thread but I can’t find it and you’re here, so… :t_rex:


Ballista → small stackable overtime damage.
Fire Flak → instant big damage with bigger enervating effect.



Oh that’s indeed what I think, but I want to see a video of this ballista in action alone with the dragon not being damaged or influenced by any other factors. See how worth it it really is. :t_rex:


Honestly it doesnt hurt my feelings anymore about ballista and i shared with my alliance for now but if u wanna help me do more testing then sounds good to me. Otherwise im just doing what i can for now and im content with that.


Adding that ballistas flying speed is very slow.


Indeed, it isnt something i rely on at all but go ahead and treat it like a joke when u face it on my base if you want… a few boosted warrior obsidians that got a nice chunk taken from a lvl 45 by ignoring it


I’m not trying to hurt your feelings. I don’t try do that (often). I just want to see your reasoning for your setup. Give me—give US—some math and evidence behind your base. By all means, I’m sure we’d all want to know if there’s more ways to do it besides the traditional three-island thing. :t_rex:


Let’s just say a level 65 ff can solo an expert, geared up destar. A 65 ballista can’t. :man_shrugging:t3:

Let’s move on to talk about something we haven’t covered since the old forums please…


Nah i didnt mean it to be personal or anything just try to understand that ive been defending ballistas weakening/ enervating effects for years, that if they worked properly then there is no doubt at all a ballista could be useful…then not too long ago they increased damage output and how it stacks, with gear it makes ballista underestimated but like i said i aint actin like its gonna be the savior of my design or anything i just think it has more potential than everyone thinks.


Interesting…ur gonna tell me a 65 cant kill destar but fire flak can…yes fire flak is much, much stronger with direct dmg but let them shots stack if u want. I know what my 45 can do and to imagine it at 65 would be insane…plenty of buff left to gain from gear also.

Dont conpare to flaks thats not fair lol

It is however a nice strategic substitute for a resisted flak if it can make contact before dragon has a means to evade. Once contact is made then dragon needs appropriate spell or just enjoys the ride


Can we please move this conversation out of this thread? If you want to discuss the merits of ballistas, you can open a new thread again.


Yes mom


All you have to do is fly an invader base once with a brand new baby dragon to see how worthless ballistas are. Sure, they can kill it over time assuming you don’t have any way to regen health but most drags that are worth anything have that capability. Necryx is an obvious exception but the ballistas are so slow that if you can’t cloak out a ballista, you probably shouldn’t be flying hunters.

TL;DR Ballistas suck


Honestly you just gotta come see me if u think its so easy, but i am getting off this thread now because it does belong to bossman coach and i dont wanna taint his beautiful thread any more than i already have


This is a reminder to keep this post about Coach’s base building guide only.


You want me to explore your strategy when you don’t know how it even works even though you’ve defended with ballistas forever?

I am not concerned about no obsidian warriors attacking my base bro…

So what’s the point of making one if I can make some other tower for the same amount of speed ups that can perform 20 times better?

Why would I want to space out my powerful towers, to give attacker opportunity to burst my powerful tower then regenerate rage or whatever on shit towers until reaching another powerful tower?

Props to you sticking to your strategy, but when you can show me proof of stopping end game dragons, then I’ll maybe think about changing my, how you so called, black and white layout that works on getting 5-10 def points in Diamond 1 wars.


1st off, ive never recommended anyone use a ballista in my life, no point, i simply say they have much more potential than anyone else gives them credit for.

2nd, i didnt assume you were worried about obsidians attacking you but if u dont mind answering what tier lvl 45 towers were made for then you might see why i mentioned.

3rd, ur comparing an original tower to a flak and that dont make sense no matter how u wanna slice it…flaks require embers so unless u got em growin on trees ur gonna have to balance the towers u upgrade. -if you really want my honest comparison then id say 1 javelin and 1 dart from my lvl 45 ballista is greater than or equal to 1 stun shot from my lvl 40 dark flak…if ur gonna compare them like that though you are basically judging art without sight.

4th, u got me there about proof against end gamers but thing is you wouldnt need anything higher than garnet or even saphire to take ur base and im only gonna add that an equal or lesser tier backup for 5 flames is required to make sure we can all be home in time for dinner.

Anyway i didnt mean to create a hostile discussion but im sorry i cant help myself sometimes when i see so many ignorant comments on ballistas


You’re referring to Hauheset… I’ll let you know that Hauheset can set up any base in this game and have any cleanup clean it, from your base, to my base, to 630 base… so your statement is pointless in this arguement…

Also did you ever think you’re ignorant and not everybody else? Show us proof that balista is useful and prove us “ignorant” people that we are wrong…
All you have are empty words on how ballista is godlike and you even admitted you don’t know how it actually works damage wise…


Im sorry but id love to see hau make it through my base even with a +1.

Other than that i guess there isnt much left to say, maybe i just want those to swear it is useless so they dont forget. Dont think for a second i aint done a few tests though.

Hauheset v Martian