Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


HAHAHAHA. First of all. Hau isn’t just magically good for every player. You need skill. I have seen people like @Lutrus set up a max base perfectly. Your base is by FAR no exception to that. Omg.


Woo hoo! Coach himself :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

On topic. For low level (114), which one do you think is more useful? Ice Flak or Fire Flak?


Fire flak, someone here will have you believe Ice flak is better…


Aldo waiting for vids, and you dropped your popcorn. Have some of mine :popcorn:

Watching a Hau fly is one of the joys of playing this game.


Thanks Rex. :hugs:


I’ll fully admit I’m not good enough with Hau to solo that. I’m not ashamed. (Even if this is off topic). I will still say that it’s doable without a doubt in my mind, just not by me. Haven’t flown her in MONTHS and I’m far too out of practice.


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I do believe with all the new shields that are coming out that ice flak really does have a legit place on a base. I actually seriously consider getting an ice flak if I had a do over.


Rofl when community tells me I’m off topic in my own thread…


Who cares if he cleared it… did he set it up with Hau or not?

And FYI, defended or not doesn’t matter with Hau, that’s kinda what makes Hau great. He can sand everything without being hit. And if you can’t hit it, it doesn’t matter if the shots are SS or not. End game a single shot will kill Hau, so the best fliers simply don’t get shot.


So… ballista… yes?


Should i stop upgrading my Fire and ice turrets?
Also i see you have a archer tower, but is the Cannon tower comparable?
Fire, ice and dark flak are lvl 45
Cannon lvl 41


Fires suck compared to the instant and consistent damage and RoF of flaks. Ice is kind of “out” right now due to Fomhar and nept but with more and more dragons getting adaptive resist, it might be “in” soon bc the upcoming seasonals won’t have the resist :man_shrugging:t3:


Been upgrading hut, farms and mages last few events
Going to continu my storm and canon first then I guess


Why did you change your base :thinking:. Is it to take advantage of the perch bonus?


Someone converted to a micro base :tada:


I think I recall Coach mentioning that he would test the micro base and compare its performance to his typical layout.


Question, if the storm on the kill island were to be moved to the back of the island, would it still cover all 4 towers or would it leave the opposite corner vulnerable?


It covers the other four towers on the short islands no matter where it is. :t_rex:


@Coach Apologies if it’s too early to ask, but how’s your new base layout working out? I’m considering moving my base to a micro too for Tanok’s bonuses (I’ve got +37% HP buff in total); right now I’m on the two middle islands. :t_rex: