Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Move it back. Now.


To a microbase? Will do. Tanok actually only has +22% but I’ve got a warrior on my perch which stacks with that… gotta get some tower attack gear. Whoo, I’ll work on that. Thanks lol. :t_rex:


A question about microbases: How does rage drain work on the long island? That’s the one thing that prevents me from moving it… my rage drain island is useful as hell and I’d hate to lose that advantage. :t_rex:


Hello Coach. Which tower are You planning to upgrade in next fortification?


Four on each corner of front island, two on the front of second island.

Hunters: Good flyers will take out your rage drain no probs anyway - this one is no different.
Warriors: Rage drain will work 100% of the time in either config :rofl:
Sorcs: Sorcs with lightning can take out the rage drain completely, but then die on your kill isle. Good Corth flyers can dodge either drain so :man_shrugging:. Bad corth flyers will get hit by drain on long isle.


3rd island,
Is there any difference between putting blue on the back vs middle/front?
Not only supershot range but also dispel range


Wouldn’t that go over the limit of mage towers you can have, esp. if I’ve already got 2 red and 2 blue in use for my combat towers? :t_rex:


Putting it in the front gives attackers a liiiittle less time to use their blue spells. Though there’s always the good fliers… always. :t_rex:


Just curious why Coach put his blue in the back if it’s a little worse :sweat_smile:


Oh, true. I’m not sure of his reasoning then. :t_rex:


so the attacker won’t be able to sand it together with storm at once? Personally i have tougher time with blue at the back


I used to have blue in the front and storm in the back, which is too far from sand’s radius
And storm in the middle means it’s possible to sand it together.


Noo, please don’t say that microbase setup is better. I don’t want to spend rubies on moving my runes and glyphs :weary: :weary:


Haha yeah that’s gonna bite me in the ass too. But if it’s worth it in the long run, I’ll definitely do it. :t_rex:


Kirin and Zamrok :rofl::rofl:

I hate high level corths raiding my base :confounded::joy:


Does people still fly Kirin? :joy:

Back to topic.

This is my current setup :

I’m reluctant to change it into a micro base, because I don’t want to spend a fortune in rubies moving my runes and glyphs.

I’m following Icicle 1, and finally got enough sapphire eggs to upgrade my builders hut. Gonna max my kill island and mills and farms next fort. Is there anything else I should change?

I also have a level 34 seagazer perch and a lot of ember available.


I would switch to a micro base because of the perch rider buff and gear. Players will look at the tower levels and underestimate your base. I wouldn’t spend rubies to move your runes and glyphs. The runes and glyphs are nothing in comparison to the rider.


At my particular point it is working well. Only because I am at end game level, I will explain further as I’ve seen posts that I will address in this response.

Bad players will get hit, good players won’t get hit. Given that you’re not at the end game level, majority of people you face are average or just below average. You will most likely have more then a 50-50% chance to drain the attacker but rage drain island is certainly worse then rage drain island on short.

I will be getting rest of my Island 3 to level 65. Possibly Fire flak on my Island 2 as well. Might do perch as well.

Answer to this is complex. So I’ll just say this…
I like to avoid having 2 damage towers in front and I like to avoid having 2 mage towers in front. Reason behind this is because they can be disabled/killed with 1 spell by end game dragons.

Reason why I have it in back is due to the team I am on and the level I am compared to my other teammates but basically it is for a war advantage in my case.

If I wasn’t in this particular situation I would swap red and blue mage towers.

Micro base, in my opinion, and this differs from a lot of people, is not better then middle long base with rage drain island on Island 6. Reason I have it as a Micro base now is:

At this level, I’m getting attacked by expert Jotun’s and Redrian’s. When/if I drain them on Island 6, they still run through my towers without using spells because I have no perch buff. Moving my base to micro base gives me opportunity to use Perch with rider gear and buffs to extend the lifetime of those towers as it does not matter if the attacker, AT THIS LEVEL, has rage against my kill island.

This said, I prefer middle long base for anybody that is not at this “end-game” stage and rage drain is much more beneficial then having raw increases to towers through the Perch buffs.

Again this is not a favored opinion by the community and base builders

When it comes to Corth, I never had issues defending against it. The only time Corth takes my base is when he/she has a follower and glitches my towers which PG still didn’t fix, even though its been brought up 100s of times ever since that dragon was released.

In conclusion, at the point I am at I prefer “Microbase”. On the other hand, if you’re not at this level, I’d suggest you stick with middle long base with a rage drain island on Island 6


Doesn’t this, contradict this:


Why wouldn’t you recommend a micro to people not at or near end game? Roughly every 10% increase you get from gear is a tower level, so if someone has a 50/50 gear boost, their towers are roughly 5 levels higher than they would be otherwise on long without a perch/gear boost. Add the perch benefit and you’re looking at another level worth of attack/hp depending which dragon you picked.

I’m guess I’m asking if someone has 50/50 gear, why would you recommend them to keep using their 45 towers vs effective level 50s?


It contradicts only when you put them side by side without context.

In my case middle long base doesn’t work because the dragon I’m attacked by, even if fully drained will kill my middle long base.
In someone elses case, not at the end game, fully drained dragon will not be able to clear properly leveled kill island on middle long.

Does that make more sense?

Rageless dragon is weaker then dragon with full rage against a kill island that is slightly stronger due to the perch. (AGAIN IM AT THE POINT WHERE END GAME DRAGONS ARE MUCH STRONGER THEN 65 TOWERS UNLESS THEY ARE PERCH BUFFED)

To answer your question, it is in my opinion, and I’ve been in that situation before, a rageless dragon attacking 45s is weaker then dragon full of rage against level 50 towers.

Again this is an extreme because how many players with level 45 towers have 50/50 maxed def riders.