Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Coach, you said you have changed to a micro-base design. Could you post a picture of your current design?


Made couple of edits to my response to you @Lutrus.

Yes @JennyD I can.

I will also put in in first post for easier reference.


Just a question - why not just build the riverwatch perch?

More curious than anything.


Because it can be left for the backer as an anchor.


People can use it as a rage anchor. Leave it behind for a follower to build rage.


I disagree about this setup being only for end-game players (thanks for the guide, Coach). At level 162 and a capped kill island with 41 towers + 48% ATT and HP boost, it’s performing much better than it did with the middle long base. Defended to 72% against a level 315 with obsidian Aibrean, Neptus and Corth just a few days ago. (point being I don’t think he expected the trouble he would have by leading with Aibrean) Cost about 4000 rubies to move 1 mythic and 4 legendary runes.


@Coach A question about the perch riders with a micro base setup. Are you using Tanok most of the time for his superior attack/defense boosts and swapping him out with the Atlas rider during Fort events for the greater construction building time reduction?


I understand that, but the key sentence in your response is:

I don’t really gauge my base against regular attacks. Just war attacks with 2-3 defenders when people know what your base is made of and hitting it repeatedly over and over again, so the element of surprise that you had is gone.

Yes, that is exactly how I’m doing it.


That’s interesting. So are you maintaining two armor sets then or just eating the ruby cost each time?


During Fortification? I’m not aware of any armor that reduces construction or anything. Put the rider with the highest boost on the perch for the 3 hours you’re building, then go back to Tanok.


My Fortification events are done within a couple of hours so I just put the naked Atlas rider on there and suffer 24 hours without gear on the rider :smiley:


There’s an added advantage of a micro in that the storm can cover the entire island from any position, and blue doesn’t have to be in front to be effective. Also all towers fire at the same time once attacker turns.

All these add up to make the micro stronger imo, assuming you have good gear. Without good gear I agree rage drain on 6 is better.


What would you consider to be good gear?

Could you elaborate on this? I’ve always thought that having the blue anywhere other than in the front was worse because attackers have a tad bit of time to use their spells if blue is in the back, at least in my experience. :t_rex:


At least 30% boost to AP and hp. Just plucking numbers from the air :joy:

Blue can be at back becsuse it is almost immediately in range of the dragon when it finishes the turn. There is a very small split second when it isn’t IIRC.


Oof I’ve got +38%-ish percent bonus to HP but only about 10% to attack. I focused on the HP boosting gear first. I’m still debating moving it… my rage drain is still valuable, but I also notice that having the Storm cover all my towers like it did on the perch island is very good too. :t_rex:


No harm giving it a go and see if it works for you.


I think I’ll wait ‘til the crafting event and see what new gear I get then. I just need more scrolls though… lots more :neutral_face: Thank you so very much for your advice, I appreciate it. :t_rex:


There is one important difference. In atlas if your base starts on island 5, the wall exists with no opportunity to destroy it before you are facing it. It helps with rage drains if defenders can supershot it quickly.

There is however some dragons/spells that can defeat it still. (Although If mages were 65 towers it might not work)

Most players don’t seem to understand that level 65 towers without a good rider are quite weak vs most top end dragons.

Functionally it mostly works the same. But a middle Long gets you the flexibility to have long ranged towers that inflict damage while the attacker is dealing with the front 5. You lose the advantage of the atlas wall because you need the middle perch. But you also gain real estate to throw a totem (which does work I’d you have the right one) and if you are growing beyond micro it’s terrible to put resource plots up front IMO.

I don’t find rage drain to be useful against end game dragons and end game players. High level mages with damage towers kills way more dragons for me than I was getting with a rage drain.

I have no clue what your buffs are at, but I’m around 75% attack and defense on my main rider. It holds up to almost everything. And most corths are dismantled except with the glitch. But there exists corths that are not. Ones that have maxed armor and triple defended can slice through with double ghostfire no matter what you do as a defender. For whatever reason I’ve never run into that during wars. The corths i see during wars are always the weak ones that just freeze all of my towers but can’t kill them still.

I think I’d you don’t habe the middle perch at 30 it’s by far better to use a micro with a good rider buff. They are by far the tougher bases to crack.


Honestly, and I should have noted this before hand and thank you for bringing it up, I do not care about Atlas. I am concerned with War defense.


That is why I went to Micro base only when I hit end game.

My buffs are around 50-55% and I get the same results as you when it comes to Corth.

I disagree, I wouldn’t use middle perch due to its ineffectiveness in wars (which I only care about). Attacker can leave it as an anchor every single attack.


I wouldn’t say it’s ineffective in wars at all. If you mean with a rage drain you can use 7 & 8 just the same as 4 & 5 and do the same thing. But more importantly there are too many options. No matter what tower structure you use, be it entrap or freeze or what have you. All towers are perfectly good rage anchors in my experience. Almost every defense I have inaccept it comes full rage and will be rage drained. Perhaps there is some tactic in Diamond I’m not used of seeing, but I’m pretty confident it could be exploited as a micro the same as if the base was moved forward.