Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Oh I misunderstood. I thought you were saying to use middle long setup with a rage drain on 6 as I have in the past and just add a perch to rage drain island.


I don’t see any huge benefits from shifting kill island to 6 and rest of towers and farms to 4-5. Especially because the middle perch is much more expensive to level then the 1st one.


Yeah the only real benefit is the freedom to drop a totem in the dead space or plots before the base if you no longer fit in a micro base. It is more expensive but for those of us who already have it open it works fine. I use a micro on my alt simply because i don’t habe pearls for the middle.


Yeah I agree with that. I only keep 10 towers until maxed anyways so my totem fits on micro base. :smiley:


you maintain 10 towers yet none of them are a balista?.. pfft sounds like a weak base to me.


So dumb question from a noob…

How much do tower runes really do? I recently changed my setup to be similar to GBB in that I have 5 mages on my middle long, my kill island on six followed by my farms and red mage on 7 and some filler towers that are high enough to pay attention to but nothing amazing on 8. I did this since I finally got a full set of legendary gear on my defensive rider on Meathead and have leveled it up to 3 for everything. Previously only my farms were benefiting from being under the scope of this perch.

Is it worth paying to move my runes like flak strikers from middle long to kill island? One small thing I noticed with this setup is I have less towers to put my runes on as the 7th and 8th are both covered by a single tower / rune setup as opposed to 4th and 5th having their own set of runes.

Does it matter much?


It can only help and I always move my runes with me. I’m sorry I don’t have more information or more detailed response.


It really depends on the rune. Most of the older ones did not do much. But they sure raised defense numbers.

In the old days most runes were

  1. resource plot related. - These do work and work well
  2. supershot damage related - these work fine except that you typically won’t supershot most of your towers so not always very useful
  3. combat speed related - this all pretty much were the most combat effective in my opinion. The new flak ones are pretty decent. Can get an extra shot in that it wouldn’t have otherwise.
  4. mage runes - technically these fall in a ice categories. But while mage runes did work it was mostly increasing supershot damage. Mages do not actually fire anything but their supershot, so you are increasing the very tiny damage these do. Generally not very useful.

It really depends on what runes. If it’s flak runes or plot runes then I would. Mostly it annoys me if my defense rating is jacked up but not really doing anything as a result.

It’s kind of a call, but a rider with armor will easily be multiples of times better than any run can be.



I guess I need to figure out if the new setup is better before I move them back and fourth. Feel free to visit and advise. Might even get a bit of bling for your trouble.


Okay, I know that the general consensus is not to upgrade any towers except for your kill towers (at least, that’s what I’ve heard). But if we’ve got nothing to upgrade for a whole month between fortifs (because I never like to leave any of my kill towers upgrading for long) is it a good idea to upgrade one of the “backup” towers for some extra xp/a bit more strength? Ex. my base is micro’d right now and I have an archer and cannon (both level 24) on my long home island. I’m guessing it’s not a huge deal to upgrade those, since I don’t depend on them for defense at all, but that “Idle” bubble over my Builder’s bothers me to no end, lol. :t_rex:


I suggest you don’t do it because you’re adding XP to your level. I just prefer having a lean base with no wasted experience points. Up to you if you want to inflate the level :slight_smile:

Cannon 24 or cannon 25 will make difference 0.01% of the time so you’re just wasting XP.


Cool, thanks. I’m not tooooooo concerned about over-leveling, but that is indeed a good point. Thank you! :t_rex:


It’s not about over-leveling.

I don’t know what level you are in game right now, leveling too many of “back-up towers” will add a level or two or three to you base level.

So at the end of the day you can have a, for example, level 200 that is level 200 only because of those wasted XP on backup, or a level 190 that has some power as that 200 just without the “backup” towers which are useless.

If you decide to do this, you are making you base weaker for whatever level you are.

My advice is to keep it lean and never level anything but your kill island towers (with exception if you cannot keep upgrading those due to level restriction).


Makes sense. The only tower I really level outside of my kill is my Fire Turret (also on my backup island) and that’s only if I need to hit a level goal (which I determine based on where I need to be for breeding). My kills have been capped since earlier today when I upgraded my Storage. (I’m level 114 by the way… still a little guy!) :t_rex:


At that level all your towers on kill island should be level 33.


Yeah, the only ones that aren’t are my mages and Storm (they’re all level 32)… I’m a little stingy about upgrading my Storage halfway during a fort event. I think I should be changing that up soon :slightly_frowning_face: :t_rex:


Once you hit a certain level, storage actually ends up being more cost effective of an upgrade to do during events since it doesn’t take as many timers as normal towers lol


That makes sense ^u^ :t_rex:


I personally used my timers to level my storage 1 level off of max level during fortification events. Then starting the last upgrade and letting it upgrade without using timers. By the time the next fortification came it would have been finished.


Here’s my plan for next Fortification… will be going to level 122. Not sure if this is good or not and I haven’t checked to see if some Storage upgrades in the middle will let me go further (tower level-wise). If any of you have feedback it would be appreciated… I don’t want to be a bother :see_no_evil: :t_rex:


At lower levels I decided my goals by Den Caps. 141 is not optimal in my opinion. You should either go to 137, 142, or 146 as those are the levels that will uncap your den levels.

Also, where are your flaks? Never mind you said they are at level 33 already. Why do you want to have 7 towers at 33?

Edit: Sorry I was just reading the picture - I wouldn’t go to 122 either. Go to 120 or 126 for the same reason as stated above.