Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


I wouldn’t suggest getting more then 5 towers at 33 unless necessary to unlock the next Hut/Storage level to keep pushing your 5 kills towers.

Instead of pushing 7 towers to 33, I would take a step back and slow down until I got enough eggs for Hut or invest speeds in Storage. UNLESS YOU NEED TO BE HIGHER LEVEL TO UNLOCK THEM (I’m too lazy to actually go and check if you actually do)


120, got it. Should I do Storage upgrades in the middle to possibly get my towers to higher levels? I can’t remember when Storage upgrades let you get your towers to, say, level 34.
I up my Fire Turret (and my extra blue mage) just so I can reach my level goals; here’s a picture of my kill island. However I haven’t yet accounted that I changed my base around, so damn, I shouldn’t upgrade my mage on the backup island. :t_rex:


No worries, I need to check the Storage levels and stuff too and I always forget >_> My builder’s is level 25 at the moment… need Sapphire eggs and IDK when I’ll get those if I get any before the Apo breed. :t_rex:


With Builders Hut at 25 you can get your Flak and Ice Turret to 41.
To get Flak and Turret to 34 you need Storage at level 40. - You need to be level 118
To get Flak and Turret to 36 you need Storage at level 44. - You need to be level 130
To get Flak and Turret to 38 you need Storage at level 48. - You need to be level 142
To get Flak and Turret to 40 you need Storage at level 51. - You need to be level 151

So you’re good and don’t need to stress about getting sapphire eggs just yet.

What you should do right now as you’re level 114. Use @mechengg Fortification planner and see what upgrades you need to do to hit 118 (focus on Storm>Blue mage>Red mage on Kill island)

After that upgrade storage to 40 so you can level your flak and turret to level 35.

Next step go into planner and see what upgrades you need to do to hit level 130. (At this point you will probably have to get your Storm, Mages on kill island to level 34.

You will need to upgrade your Storage to 42 to bring your Storm and Mages to 35. When all the towers on kill island are 35 and you are level 130 then repeat the steps above - Upgrade storage to 44 and do the same thing with Flak and Turret. If you’re not 130 at that point that’s when you need to level 1 of your backup towers just until you hit 130. Then keep doing as stated above.

Hope this makes sense.


Wow! That’s a heck of an analysis. I’ll have to read that a few times over haha, I usually don’t plan that far ahead. Thank you so much!!! Mind if I post an updated plan of mine (a bit later when I have the time) for some more feedback? :t_rex:


Sure, I don’t mind.


Quick question, why the storm in middle rather than red mage?


Because if storm wasn’t in the middle that would mean that both mages or both damage towers can be disabled with only 1 (first) spell.

Again as I mentioned earlier a lot of my base is set up to defend end tier dragons in wars so might not be the perfect layout in position wise for everybody but the composition of each island is correct.


Even if you just swapped the red and storm with each other?


What would the purpose of that be?


Just to cover the whole island with the red umbrella, since storm will protect all either way.


Is how I have mine, storm covers everything from there


I don’t like having dark flak front left (attacker point of view) as you’re able to 1 shot it and pre-fire it before finishing the turn. I guess the same could be said if I had a storm or red in that position. You do bring up a good idea.

Thinking about it at this time I do not see any disadvantages. Possibly it can be an advantage due to the Red Mage towers hit box being so huge. (Not sure if this helps with disabling towers in the back or helping). I would have to do some testing and see whats easier to set up. It can really go either way.


Same setup as mine.

With the small tower in mid you don’t get 5 vined or trapped often? @Coach


No, I do not. I’ll have to test and see if it is due to the difficulty or just the way hitboxes work.

Although I don’t know when I will be testing anything as I am kind of hitting the chill button on this game…


@Coach Here’s what I’ve got. Needed to upgrade that Fire Turret once to get to level 118 for the Storage Hut. Red line represents the point I’ll upgrade my Storage from 38 to 40 for my Flak to get to level 35. Am I missing anything or should I change anything? Will need 130 days of speedups, which I know I have. The Storm and Blue Mage after the red line aren’t second ones, they’re the same ones (on my kill), but I just wanted to put them all in upgrading order lol. :t_rex:


So, is the consensus now to go micro base? I’ve been following Mech’s guide up until now, but with Tanok plus eventual gear the best option might be following this micro build instead. I’m about to hit level 45 so now feels like the time I should start deciding.


Maybe you should read some of the recent posts. The answer and opinions are there.


Level 45? And you’re thinking of micro vs drain on 6?

No you haven’t based on what you said.

Shouldnt be instead. You shouldn’t even be past 3 until mid 100s.


Living up to your name a bit there, eh? :wink: I currently have my base set up exactly as Mech’s guide has recommended. Mech’s guide actually suggests changing layouts to long-mid with rage drain on 6 at lvl56, so I’m not sure where you’re getting the mid 100s from.

I asked the question since I’ve seen people go back and forth on this and I’m approaching the level where Mech advises changing layouts. Coach pointed out he answered myquestion earlier in the thread and the current consensus appears to be the standard rage drain on 6 and long-mid kill island.


I’m certain that this is recommended for people who don’t have rider gear with good bonuses—with a micro setup, they’ll be able to most effectively take advantage of the gear if they have good stuff. Not sure where you are in riders and crafting but I personally recommend staying on the middle long unless you’ve got some good gear. I’m testing a micro-base setup because of my gear bonuses (up to about +40% hp now including warrior buff) but I’m in no way an expert, so take the word of those who are. :t_rex: