Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


But you’re 45. So how’s following mechs guide exactly working again?

To be fair, mechs guide is the right path unless you have good rider gear and a decent perch which you won’t have.

Also, I think 56 is too early. But I’ll have that debate with @mechengg instead.


Ive said multiple times that I’d prefer middle long base with drain on 6 until you reach end game level. My reasons are above. Feel free to read reflect and then take or not my suggestion.

End game - micro base
Until then - middle long with drain on 6


I don’t have the necessary end game experience to make an accurate call on that, hence why my guide doesn’t go all the way to the top.


Why do you think it’s too early? Its exactly when you max out a full set of 10 towers. Until this point, you don’t have a full 10 max towers, and you stay this way until you are nearly level 100, with having almost all of your towers maxed out. It’s only after that point that you need to skew your building to 2-3 towers instead of leveling them all evenly as you build.


Stop using Math to counter my opinions mech!


But he uses it for lawful good! Hahahahaha


I still think my opinions hold more weight than math. I mean who likes math anyway.


You could far more easily argue that once tower levels of your fronts/backs diverge by more than X levels (you would be level 2xx) that you should go back to a micro base setup. I’d more readily buy into that style of concept of fortifying your stronger towers more heavily, but the maths simply work out to 56 as the optimal time to switch if you have been planning it out from the start.


Haha I’m just trolling. Tbh I didn’t know you max out 10 at 56. I thought it was after that.


Nope it’s exactly 56.

10x L21 towers
5x L4 mage towers



I like math, but math does not like me back. Just ask my school report cards. :t_rex:


I would suggest people reading this to use Mechengg’s guide, its better.


Hey Mike, it’s only 7:30 AM … too early to disturb the peace :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


never too early


Now that I have Atlas I’ve been looking at my upcoming levels. I’ll be entering the zone where only 4-5 towers can be maxed soon, and I’m thinking of moving my entire base to the home island for that period to make use of my (only) perch and the massive rider armor bonuses.

I plan to aim for something like this at level 181

A downside of this setup is of course that the perch will be a nice rage anchor for any following dragon. What I do like is the superior mage/storm coverage on the home island, the extra tower (compared to the short) to house a shield-breaking tower to deal with elemental barriers, and no pauze between kill and farms making it harder for a single dragon to deal with both.

Main reason to not stay with the long middle layout is that the back half of the island is becoming increasingly weak, and I can’t afford to build out a second perch (which would still be a rage anchor anyway) any time soon.

Reason to choose a dark flak is that I have one maxed now and it would be hard to replace as an e2p player. Reason for the elektro-flak is the massively higher damage output compared to the alternatives, especially if you include the boost given to the dark flak.

Is there anything in particular in this layout that stands out as dumb or dangerous? All advice is welcome.


mainly the rage anchor… Why not use the short for your damage towers with perch and use long for rage drain. rage drain isn’t as effective but still better than leaving that anchor IMO


Downside of using the short would be that there’s no room for a shield breaker (the cannon in the back of my planned layout), so I’m a bit worried about how easily necryx/axi would clear my kill island without a way to counter their barrier.

The other thing is that the storm in the corner won’t shield all 5 towers on the short island (afaik), but that’s a smaller concern.


I do too and it is better.


yup there are issues with micro bases, all bases really. But i wouldn’t worry too much about a cannon.


Wrong and that should have been a bigger concern then utilizing cannon.