Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Thanks! Knowing that makes the short more attractive for sure. I guess I might start with the short island as my kill island then, I can always change it around if I get too many elemental barrier visitors. I’ll just hold off on moving runes for a bit, the mediocre ones I have don’t make a big difference anyway.


What would the advantage here be over a typical long middle setup (aka everything shifted forward exactly 3 islands)?


this is why


People think the buffs from perch are so good before end tier… Oh well, I can only reiterate so much…


Aren’t they? I’ve only had atlas for a few weeks, but it seems getting my rider to something like +50%/+50% is not going to be very hard (even if that would just give +40/+40 with my current perch level). That feels like a significant boost to me, with all other things being (sort of) equal. Am I missing something important? Apologies if you explained this many times before, I didn’t find anything obvious while searching this thread.


Coach believes that making a dragon hit you rageless is more beneficial than a 40% tower boost until towards end game. After all, a rageless dragon is a dead dragon…


Ah ok, I get that. Perch bonus may be nice but not worth sacrificing the rage drain, and drains on the long-middle don’t work nearly as well. Of course the first dragon will still drain reasonably well, but the second certainly is a lot happier.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, gave me plenty to think about. Still have a few months before I get to this point anyway, so I’ll keep my long-mid setup for the time being and build up a decent set of defensive armor in the mean time.


As someone with an alt about the same size as you, I’d like to input that the rage drain really doesn’t come into play until people your level begin to use green dragons against you (which means they probably already have their orange rage research done) and people actually begin flying skilfully enough that the amount of rage they have begins to matter. A blue + red in the normal set up on each set of 5 islands should be able to deal with everyone at your level at the moment, at least in my experience.

There is a window of time between being able to build a heavy-damage flak and having a rage drain become relevant, and I would personally say that would be until about level 70. Having flaks fire immediately upon a dragon making a turn is an immense benefit the short islands hold over the long islands, especially if it’s a dark flak.

(For my alt though, since it isn’t big enough to build any flaks yet, I’ve built a rage drain on my first short island, maxing a red and blue to get past xp caps, and split my farms along the front and back row of my home island. The reasoning behind this is that I don’t build any unnecessary towers just to get past xp caps- I mean, mages will always be relevant?)

In the end, it’s your base, and I defer to the people who have actually been building their bases for many times longer than I have.


Well it can’t shield itself or other storms. But it can reach all towers minus the perch


And some dragons that’s true of and some it’s not. But with divines being available orange tier and Higher, I personally think rider is better after a certain percentage. Not sure what the percentage is but I definitely drop more but I’m like 75%/75% which isn’t too bad


For the short island (assuming that we have enough rss), which one is better?
Back (water dragon statue) or middle?
By middle, I mean same setup…


I think the back one (next to main base aka island 3) is cheaper in pearls and most people have it built out some.

But the middle one (island 6) lets you do 2 things that the back one doesn’t.

First it allows for space behind it for a totem to fit at the end without replacing a damage tower. It also lets you move plots here if you decide to grow beyond micro or have one too many towers already.

But second, it allows you to have a Long Island full of damage towers (plots normally take up 4 spots on a micro base and its bad to put them in front) which allows you to leverage long range towers behind the front 5

There really isn’t a right answer. If you want the most bang for your level a micro base is the best you will get. But that’s 11 full sized towers of which 4-5 are mages plus your resource plots.

If you stick to the same tower limit it really doesn’t matter which you use. It’s which perch is most leveled or costs you less. At least that’s my two cents. Just don’t use the very end perch.


Another question (related to event planner)

Which one is better? Stop at that, or continue upgrading mage towers?
(I wrote the tower twice to help me know the order of upgrading)

Just realized that I put wrong flag on plat construction bonus :sweat_smile:


If I were you, I’d stop at the earliest level at which den upgrade is possible.


126 then.
If I stop at 120, I can’t start Apo…


You have the platinum construction bonus already? :exploding_head:


Oops, sorry. Wrong flag :sweat_smile:,
though the speedups are still enough…


Hello people, I’m lvl 72 and I got many questions in my head.
Im working on a middle-long base layout with rage drain, im not really sure how to set it up.
There are some opportunities in my head:

  1. just islands 6 as rage drain then at 4and 5 combo islands with flaks, mages, storm, fire and ice turret
    DF. BM
    ST. FF


2nd one is building a long rage drain with fire and ice turrets during island 4 and 5 and making a killer islands with all’s flaks and a storm at island 3.

Another question is, what’s needed to build one effective rage drain ?!
Just a specific mage level or some runes or anything from research to make it strong??
What should I do and how to lay it out then ??
I will be glad for every help and thoughts from u people.
Have a good one :vulcan_salute:t4:
Greetings L


I find your second option dubious. Nothing but mages should come before your killer island, or those will be towers that the attacker leaves as a rage anchor. Perhaps the turrets on the second island and farms on the first would make more sense if you want a base like this? Do you have atlas defense gear?

I think your first choice is solid, except one thing- do you have the embers to support three flaks? Cannon does a fair job of breaking shields, and at level 72 you won’t really be going up against dragons that require an ice flak to counter. Also, my preferred set up for the back island, given your towers, would be


Moving the blue mage back prevents it from being sniped on the approach from the rage drain island, and leaving the ice turret slightly uncovered by the red mage shield is sort of a worth-it tradeoff for it dealing damage sooner, or your third row would be pretty low-damage.

For your rage drain, all you need is the research (in either green or orange) that drains 2 rage per mage shot, for both blue and red mages. Levels don’t really matter, but low level mages are generally better

Short island rage drain:


Long island rage drain


(or, remove a mage tower from either the second or third row if you’re using it somewhere else, such as at the farms. Generally, short island rage drains are easier to drain people with.)


Hey thx for fast reply :yum:
Ok i wasn’t sure whether my 2nd setup makes sense anyway, but now it’s clear.
It’s not!
I think I got the embers, I already got the 3 flaks my DF lvl23 IF lvl 22 and FF should be lvl20 and I got 11k ember left, I think I’m really active in events and it will be a similar look in future.
Wait u mean when attacker arrives at islands 6 he could snipe my tower at front row left Position 4th islands ?:thinking:
That’s awesome to know :joy:
And no don’t got atlas or defensive gear. That’s my first season I’m really playing and my team just arrived at gold .
Just got first page of Tanok finished.