Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


unless you are heavily paid for gold chest, you should only build 2 flaks because they will get more and more expensive and you will run out of elemental ember soon


Mhh that’s hard… but what would be a different set up with just 2 flaks.
Cause fire and dark dealing big damage ice getting important later if I replace one of them I would need a whole new layout or am I wrong ?


Electro and ice until they release yet another flak type :grin:




Electro flak does more damage than fire flak and no dragon has resistence against yet. But I just say so, you can do which you feel right. You might get all the ember you need if you play really slow in level up, I dont know. I like to keep the variety of base layout.


Except some Vanguard


why would someone with tower level 20-23 need to care about vanguard :joy:


Since you already have IF, FF, and DF, I’d suggest focusing on two flaks at once instead of three- that’s pretty hard to maintain if you’re a non-spender.


Since they reduced the super shots from 10 to 5 after the last update, have you removed the rage drain island/ mages completely now?


They didn’t do any such thing. There is a bug that temporarily breaks supershot research and I believe perch bonuses


Does perch bonuses include def rider?


Nothing is wrong with defense riders that I’m aware of.

Supershots are not providing as many as they should and I think they said a fix should come out soon. I think this week.


For end game players, would it be an alternative to replace some flaks for old school towers?
Jotun has Elemental resist, and more dragons have Adaptive resist. I know the projectiles for Archer towers tend to go slower than flaks, but atleast new dragons don’t have resist for those towers. Is this food for thought or just a bad idea?


I believe it would be, but like all base configurations I think it makes a big difference who’s hitting your base.

It actually made jotun harder to take down on my. base without the stun of a dark flak. (Significant time where jontun doesn’t produce damage and takes damage)

I’m still testing configuring to find where best to place a maxed EF on my base. It may end up being a tower I move around based on my opponents strong dragons.

The no blue mage setup has an obvious flaw vs anyone using a dragon with flash. And really any Hunter, but especially ones where they can avoid damage and attack at the same time.

Replacing dark flak remove stun and I think some dragons might drop from the sky in a single hit in this config.

Replacing ice flak adds a lot of DPS but opens up to easier mage dodging, allows spells tombe cast immediately, and dragons like jotun or destar can recover health without one.

Replacing fire flak doesn’t even seem worth considering.

Putting it on the back of a Long Island is what I’m currently testing but I need to build additional flaks to see if it works well. Obviously this won’t woro in the “micro base” setup.


I got a little amazed yesterday. I’m level 200 with a microbase setup, very similar to Coachs current setup. My kill island has one 45 DF and one 45 FF, including level 44 storm and 43 mages. I got attacked by a boosted Destar yesterday (I didn’t see the level of the destar), and we where 3 defenders. The Destar didn’t have a chance. He got killed almost right away. I never thought I had the defence power to withstand a boosted Destar.

Did something happen? A nerf or a boost or something?

If I’m able to kill of harbingers with my current setup, then surely microbase must be a better setup than rage drain setup?


There’s no way to know what level the Destar was. Could have been someone trying to level up a baby Destar… with no armor?


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I’m not as strong as others (@Ragnar, @C104k, @SavageAFforPG), I’m still flying although in much reduced doses. :slight_smile:

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