Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Got ya. I did have a rage drain, it was just the back 5 slots of the mid Long Island. Perhaps i’ll try the shift and test it out :sweat_smile:. Thanks luffy


Back 5 slots of middle long island is relatively easy to kill without a single firing of supershot! So if you are going for short base, i wouldn’t recommend you having rage drain. I tried both ways and i felt sometimes that short base is better. But frankly after i reached level 64, my lev 23 Dark flak tower started killing Kinnarus like crazy :rofl: and i was very happy with the mid long island format.


@Coach will you be willing to share your preferred runes and glyphs for your base?

I am about to shift my base, maybe. Still studing your base and I have a few things I need to lvl but don’t want to lvl up at the moment. Was one of those who went crazy one fortification and whoop… base ahead of my dragons. I can deal now but still need to catch up a bit more. If I shift ill have to move runes and glyphs and want to make the most of the rubies spent to take off and move.

my long island currently is just there to allow defenders to get the water shrine island prepped.

Thanks for all the tips and sharing.


I will be sharing the runes and glyphs shortly, I apologize for not responding, been a pretty busy few weeks for me :slight_smile:


Heres mine, imo this is the most efficient method when building your layout. 1-2 tower types only and i believe frenzy is only good for a towers projectile speed, not the rate at which primary shots reload and is useless on towers such as Lt, Storm, and Ice towers…striker is useless on ice and storm.


I hope you’ll not get mad when I’ll say that the way you used the runes on the two islands you show is NOT the best solution. If a mix of towers types on an island is the best approach, a mix of runes pertaining to the towers on the island is the best approach too. Empowering only one tower type - archer/lightning - on an island is not, IMHO the way to go. Especially when dragons have native resists against the two types of towers you posted, or the resists are easy to buy in the forge.

Something like this - see image bellow - IMHO is better suited.


Yes i agree that it can be best to mix but i suggested that if mixed then it should remain between 2 towers preferrably…a filler such as mage buff is fine when the alternative is nothing. Also i hope u wont get mad when i say that storm runes(both frenzy and striker) are useless.


No, I don’t, why should I ? We are all here to share/learn. If you can explain why those runes are useless, facts and not “I heard from the neighbors”, it would also help others who may have them in place. What I saw since I put them is that when undefended, the storm tower supershot activates faster than when I didn’t have them on. What is your experience with them ?


I redirect you to this thread for discussion about base runes.

Storm tower supershot is shield, so there is no use of boosting storm tower supershot attack, hence storm tower supershot is useless. And storm tower attack is less than Cannon/archers so that is not preferrable. Hence storm striker is waste of slot.
For Mages, a level 22 blue mage does a supershot damage of 23.4k and a level 14 Green legendary hunter which is insufficient for killing the base with average lev 22 towers has 410k health without boosts or researches.
Hence mage supershot rune is utter useless.


I disagree. A mix dilutes the impact of the runes as they can stack. A full line up of archer runes makes the archer even more effective than perhaps a flak, particularly given that its probably going to be the last tower destroyed. Stack your runes that’s the right way. IMO :joy::+1:


If you look at my runes, you’ll see that I stack them good, especially the canon attack. The runes I used have secondaries and that is what someone has to take into consideration - to match everything with the towers on the island.
I didn’t saw an island full of archers for now, so please, stack your archers runes, I’ll only sand your archer --> all the runes become obsolete. As for the lightning, a lightning resist on the dragon nullifies the purpose of the runes on that island. At least this is how I see it.


A cannon and archer resist also nullify them, right. When there is more use of stacking runes to make one defense actually powerful, i would do that rather that increasing a mere 5% supershot to 6% or even 7%.
And I don’t know about Diamond league but how many players actually see what runes are there on towers?


Ah ha but u would be in the 0.000000001% of players who look at runes before you run. :joy: besides, if you sand my archer my mages will get u. if you sand my mages first the archer will get u. either way works for me


Sorry, my bad, I forgot to mention that I am NOT a fan of “d!ck measuring” contests.
I thought maybe it is good to share my experience with others. I think I was wrong.

P.S. If you say no one gives any attention to the island runes, why are you talking about them then ?


That was a compliment dude🤷‍♂️


Idk who pissed in your frosted flakes this morning but you originaly responded to my post by implying id be angry with your disagreement in the method i use to enhance a towers performance…so should i even bother by going on and asking why you think i would mind? and this is a place to learn yada yada.

About your statement of what you saw when you put frenzy runes on storm and how their supershot fired quicker, im afraid you are mistaken and that is simply due to the fact that when undefended there are no network delays…which are what cause supershots to go off later than expected.

I believe frenzy is applied to the rate at which a projectile travels from the time it fires until it lands…since shot rate is not determined at all by when projectile lands or hits a dragon then i think its fair to assume this is correct. With that being said, you could then assume that Lt, Ice, and Storm frenzy runes/ glyphs are useless bc their rate of fire is controlled only by pg. The only control we as players have would be the rate at which a projectile travels through the air… could look at Lt, Ice, and storm towers as “beam” weapons which already have a maxed rate therefore any additional buff i would consider USELESS.

Hope this helps with your basic ironic assumption on a players credibility as well as information regarding tower function, this is a place to share/ learn after all :slight_smile:


Just to be clear on what i have jusy said about my opinion on frenzy, this is what i feel is correct and have seen no solid evidence to counter the claim…however i am of course open to new information and actually hope i am proven wrong so that i can be corrected…


@DeadlySinsMHS I apologize for the late response. As far as runes go, in the past, I’ve been under the impression that the more runs you have specific to the tower on that part of the island the more likely the supershot is going to go off when undefended. Since they all I’ve been told that this is not true.

As of right now I am not sure if that is true or not. As far as the runes that would I would suggest for my base layout that I promote are the following:

For the first short island consisted of farms/mills:

For the back part of the middle island I’d suggest this (I do not have any Fire Turret runes/glyphs):

For the front part of the middle island I’d suggest storm and mage runes, not because they will be of much use but because there’s nothing else that benefits there unless you have Ice Turret runes/glyphs:

For the rage drain island obviously I have all Mage glyphs:

DO THOSE HELP? I don’t know, I don’t know if having them increases the chance of them getting activated when undefended… Doesn’t hurt to have them on there in case it does.


I actually hope some concrete evidence is posted to counter my claim on Frenzy…i put in work researching that Lt research for +5% Lt Frenzy per Lt tower on an island…that combined with my Lightning towers placed on main island that has 10 spots was my goal but when i was complete i could barely tell a difference at all. With 4 Lt on that island plus those runes i figured i shpuld be able to tell a difference but personally i got nothin.


Thank you, yes it does help. I have several good runes and glyphs and will be shifting soon. working on my farms to get them up, as of right now my kill island is my shrine island. With defenders it does really really well.

Thank you for sharing…