Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


Et tu, brute?


Just curious, why are the mages placed at only one side on the long island? Is there any reason for it?

x RM
x BM

x RM
x BM


Prob to try and avoid a ice shock style attack from freezing mage shots. But just a guess


I think it also makes it a little harder to shoot them quickly with multi-finger hunter shots, because the front ones cover of the rear, more of a chance for one of them to fire before getting destroyed.


Hey Coach, 1 question pls :
How to increase Perch’s attack ??
I give an example:
Anapa Lv30 on a Perch Lv31 makes 323k damage per hit (boosted).
Now, if I put Anapa Lv30 on a Perch Lv45, will the damage remain 323k or will it be higher?
I hope i explained myself Thx u :slight_smile:


yes it will go up, but not significantly. Perches dont need to go past level30 unless you are going to max it. anywhere in the middle is useless. but here is a list showing damage (its based on a % of the dragons attack)


If only he had received that info somewhere else… :thinking:


Gotcha. Thx u mate :slight_smile:
Warrior seems to have the best %


I may be reading it wrong… that % seems strangely higher than the other two.


yeah, infact…maybe its an error


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