Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


It would be awesome if we could get some information from PG on what you pointed out in regards to AI Defense.


Newest update to my base:

Level 210:


How is that defender rider treating ya, it doesnt look like u got a rider or any gear on perch in that screenshot. This is what i got so far, tryin to get this 2nd contruction research finished.

Also, how does Spindra do on your base?


I can say that 2 mage shots ruin spindra’s day, so it wouldn’t do very well.


Here is my Rider on the perch.


I need to get me some good gear… :joy:


Do u even have spindra? Hold enfeeble, let rage cap and u still got 1 bar fir 2nd enfeeble after 2 mage shots land…kill blue then sacrifice. Spindra is a boss, just gotta learn how to fly him :slight_smile:


Yes I have spindra, I run her extensively as a finisher, as she’s a very poor lead.
Let’s do a play through of spindra attacking coach’s base with only 1 defender.
Defender uses 2 super shots on mage island, spindra is down to 1 rage. Sacrifices mages are down, up to 3 rage.
Spindra uses one rage for enfeeble, leaving 2 rage left.
Defender arms storm, flak and blue.
Spindra gets one enfeeble off, attempts to swipe blue down, but oh it’s a sorc and ice goes ahead and melts her health, and she dies.

Undefended, she can most likely get through mage island and the front 3 of Long Island (if she gets lucky and blue or red doesn’t super shot), but will die, again to ice, due to the back blue.


3rd spell easy fix, summon warrior to take the 2 mages supershot on mid island as well as flaks supershot stun


Summon warrior only takes red mage shots, blue mages shoot at the real dragon.


I just dont believe spindra will die before able to hit sacrifice and shield again, but idk maybe coach wouldnt mind let me get some practice in cause i sure do need it


I’m online now, come.


Sweeeeet. Give me 5min.


Vids please :eyes:


Oh he won loud and clear, i did horrible amd took me so many tries but i was able to kill 1st blue on mid just not enough life to sacrifice. I havent claimed mythic hp rune yet, will try again then maybe but i gotta say that despite my mistakes he legit beat spindra down.


Props to you for coming back and admitting it; I have to respect that :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


I had to try, i hate i wasted his errors and made so many of my own but all n all i actually dont think there is anything i could do other than kill first 3 towers if i practiced more but there is no way that i see yet to survive from that point bc sacrifice is like nah sry u dead.


First hit, the one that started my downward spiral lol


Your first try was the best try :slight_smile:


And your worst lol u only got better…cheers