Base Building Guide from lvl 1 to ∞ by Coach


sigh good times.


You put feeble on the wrong side. You destroyed the red, but not the blue. If you have put feeble on the good side, you’d have made it. At least it is how I see it.


Lol thank u


If he puts it on the mage towers only he will get 2 shot by flak :))


Well, the feeble put wisely in that area destroys the three towers. Feeble has the same effect as the ice shock of Fae, and yeah, Fae ices all three towers there. Feeble should do the same. More trickier, but doable.


Im no rookie to spindra, i know how to fly but nobody can fly their best all the time, every day…if u pay attention u can clearly see i hit all 3 on the 2nd enfeeble and that i just messed up on the first cast is all…this isnt something i have a question about and knew i could accomplish before i even tried…the part i am unsure on is if i could survive mid


In a war situation you don’t need to do more. You take out his minions and his three front towers is enough. The backup will take out the rest. His second island is good to gather rage even if his mages supershot. Those towers are so low, they don’t do much damage on the second dragon, so you can glide while they attack you. At least this is how I see it :roll_eyes:


Just to mention, @xVoldaRx @PoItergeist, out of about 15 attacks he did, he had enough rage for 2 enfeebles only once or twice… He just chose to show the video where he did get 2 off… In reality in war, there is <1% chance he will have enough rage to get 2 enfeebles off.


@Coach was i not trying different shit each attempt? I wanna try again btw, whenever ur ready.

Also, if u wanna get technical it was 11 runs and 4 of which i had the rage for a 2nd enfeeble if i had either tapped quick enough or placed shots more carefully…then throw in a few ridiculous fuck ups and 1 run i was a hairline away from a full bar if rage for a 2nd enfeeble…plus 1 more i hit enfeeble for a 2nd time and nothing happened…got each one recorded.


I’m not saying you did bad or anything, didn’t mean to offend you. Yes, you can attack me tonight, I will have a big stream tonight, finally get to stream again… :slight_smile: So we can arrange and you can hit me as much as you want. :slight_smile:


Guess it was how you said i chose to go with that one because its the one i was able to pop off enfeeble x2. Sounds good just let me know…


I’m going live now, you can join my chat and watch @

I will let you know when you can attack me etc. :slight_smile:


I was so hoping to see @Poltergeist test your Base during your twitch stream


Me too, hopefully next time :slight_smile:


Lololol come over with a fair dragon you think to coach’s level (210 ish) and we will see…

or, as an alternative, find me another lvl 210 base that can destroy obsidians at coach’s rate. I’ll be gladly flying there to see my dragon drop :slight_smile:

Don’t forget this is a guide to base building, not as whether I can f you up.


Meds knocked me out i been sick, slept like 14 hours lol ill be available all day and will happily show clip of me dying…never bothered me before.


What is coach’s rate? He isnt the only low 200 able to kill obsidiens, its mainly from attackers underestimating our bases…


That’s also part of it. Got noctua so no need to look at base before attacking? Planning is also part of flying. Being underestimated is also a strength of coach’s base.
You right he isn’t. He’s among one of the best at that level. Although you’re right, id be hard pressed to find a much better lvl 210 base than his.


I doubt people underestimate my base in wars where it takes them 10ish trys to get it and have to send waves to shake off the defenders. It is not like I only kill Obsidians when they overlook my base… Feel free to strategize and prepare, that doesn’t guarantee you beating my base lol.


@Coach - You recognized last night that your base is taken by warrior obsidians who got a lot of health to destroy your front towers even when you defend. I can’t wait to see the balancing PG announced about the warriors and the sorcerers. And maybe you’ll change your opinion about warriors. Which for me are tools to a specific end.

I told you last night, emeralds are not able to take down 50+ level towers when defended. But wars are not only brute force, are also planing and strategy. When next generation of dragons will appear, your base will go down like nothing. We saw that with the 45 level towers and emeralds, 50 level towers and obsidians. We will see the same with 55-60 level towers and next tier of dragons. IMHO it is nothing new to brag about.